Don't Get in Trouble in the Middle Ages by blake young

Ordeal by Fire

The accused had to pick up a red hot iron bar and walk after their wounds would be bandaged then after 3 day if there wounds look like they were healing they were innocent if not they were guilty

Ordeal by Combat

The accused woud fight to the death with the noblemen and whoever won was in the right

Catherine Wheel

The accused would be lashed to the wheel and there limbs would be beaten and broken by a club

Iron Maiden

The accused would be forced into the iron maiden which had short spikes in it and they would shut the door the person would bleed out

Judas Cradle

The accused would be tied and sat up on a wooden pyramid any movement of the feet the point would be inserted in the person's rear


The accused would sit down and have a metal collar put on as the person carrying out the torture would turn a handle tightening the collar the accused would die from asphyxiation and severe trauma to the spinal cord

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