Coco Chanel India hudson

The first Chanel perfume launched on May 5,1921
The Chanel logo designed by by coco Chanel herself that has remained unchanged since 1925
The Chanel suit,realesed in 1921
Theatre actress Gabrielle Dorziat modeling a Chanel hat
The modern day Chanel perfume

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel ''coco Chanel'' was born in seumur,France.In her childhood her mother died and she was sent to corr├Ęze,in central France to the convent of Aubazine,which ran an orphanage.once she was too old for the orphanage she started trying to pursue her dreams,which they eventually failed until she met Captain Arthur Edward ''boy' Capel.Although in the end their relationship failed and they separated,Chanel was was able to open a business through him.The Chanel look she created were influenced by Capel's sartorial style.The bottle design for Chanel No.5 had two possible origins,both attribute to the sophisticated design sensibilities of chapel.

Later in life Chanel begun designing hats and opened a boutique at 21 rue cambon,Paris,named Chanel Modes.Chanel's millinery career bloomed once theatre actress Gabrielle Dorziat wore her hat,in Fernand Noziere's play Bel Ami in 1912.Dorziat modeled Chanel's hats again in photographs published in Les Modes.

In 1913,Chanel opened a boutique in deauville,where she introduced deluxe casual clothes suitable for leisure and sport.In this particular boutique Chanel sold hats,jackets,sweaters,and the mariniere,the sail or blouse.Chanel opened another store in Biarritz in 1915.

Chanel revolutionized the way women wore clothes and paved a new way for the fashion brand.Chanel resigned the young woman's role within society,making them more beautiful while,at the same time,separating them from the hoards of traditional 'Nobodies'.

Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable-coco chanel,,

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