Stronger Because of You! How YOU make all of this possible!

  • 150 businesses and corporate partners supported Habitat
  • 60 church congregations provided financial or volunteer support
  • 730 individuals made a personal financial gift
  • 70 of those gifts came from IRAs or donor advised funds
  • More than 20 private and family foundations made a gift

To get involved, email us at together@habitatkent.org

Habitat not only provides families with access to a home, but also walks alongside each Habitat family as they learn about the homeowner process, and alongside each volunteer as they learn more about the GR community. This organization promotes a stronger GR community.

-- Stephanie Studebaker, Bright Future Society donor


Habitat Kent is changing the lives of so many families here in Kent County. Through collaboration and innovation, they are enriching neighborhoods through affordable homeownership. We are proud to be a part of their mission.

-- Dirk and June Hoffius, longtime friends of Habitat

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