Poverty in America By Julia Kruesi

God will guide us to help these people

Dear Lord,

Let us heal their broken spirits. May we care for them. Lord let these people in poverty find their hope . I now know that I have so much more then them. Show me the way to stand up for them. Let us make a difference for those who need a home, and who can not support the ones they love. You have given us so much, give us not only the courage to help them, but to stand up for them. They don't have the opportunities in life that we do, so let all of us help.


Food banks can't do it alone

When I saw the amount given to the yellow cards I thought that it was un-fair and I was curious if they would get to get some of they other treats. When I was told that I could share my food with others my instinct was to share my treats with the yellow cards, because they all had less then we did. When I share I gave a mixture of my best and my worst. People in poverty don't have a choice. They simply have what they can find. We should be greatful and help those in poverty.

Poverty can happen to anyone

Poverty poem

$22,811, or the're on the poverty line. There running out of time.They try and try again. Will they get a home, when? 47 people in poverty. Why don't you see? They lost there job and there little left.Look at tent city, its the only place left. Who knows when there meal is next. Yes veterans too, they risked there lives just for you. 50,000 to be exact, where do they go, how will they act? They ended up with nowhere to go. After war with no home. 1 in 5 children live in poverty, that is just too many. We need to help, 81% of food banks can do it. They cant fight the fight alone. Any one can be in poverty. Maybe look around next time and you'll see, some one newly in poverty.

Children also live in poverty


We can make make a difference for the lives of thoses in poverty in America. 47 million people live in poverty. Not to mention 1 in 5 of those people are kids. Out of them 15 million get free lunches. That could be their only meal. Don't forget the fact 81% of food banks can't handle the demand for food. We need to help these people out. We can start programs, like a run for support. We could donate that money to organizations that can give to those in poverty. Lets go make the diffference they need. If we work together as a country we can put an end to poverty. Even if its baby steps at a time, we can get there. What if we were in there shoes, we would want people to help us, right? We need to help them. We have more, and for what it's worth we can choose to help. Even more importantly we speak up for them. As a united country we can make a difference. One meal can make the biggest difference of someone. It's not just those who lost a job of can pay there taxes, its veterans. They protect us and yet many still end up in the state of poverty, but why. It is because the military may have been there only home. The amount is sad but true, they are like me and like you. Some don't even get to chose. They where born without a place to call home. Lets work to get them out, to make them have a chance for a better life, lets go make a difference in the hands of God.

Make A Difference!
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Julia K.


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