Madagascar Twelve days. A Children's Ministry Training Trip (scroll down to view)

Kid's Ministry... Important? Not Important?

Matthew 19:14 - Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and don’t prevent them for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (TLB)

The team's job -- Use their giftings and experience to help native church leaders grow their ministry to children.

Back row: Britni Durham (Children's Pastor), Debbie Click (photos/video), Vicki Evans (Team Leader, Children's Pastor), Amber Berry (Certified Professional Midwife), Weston Berry (College and Career Pastor), Reinier and Kristen Vorster (Missionaries to Madagascar and our hosts). Front row: Asher and Eden Berry

We visited churches,

an orphanage,

and a home for girls.

Team members and supplies included Alexander the scripture-teaching duck, Alex the disobedient lion, a few little lambs, paper crowns, a confetti canon and a TON of give-away prize candy!

There was preaching and praying,

and teaching,

and crazy skits using toilet paper, random-object impromptu sermonettes, teaching the 10 Commandments with construction-paper number drawings,

along with the busting of a few karate boards.

The Madagascar countryside was gorgeous!

While visiting a remote village (in the middle of no where... literally) we found a beautiful hotel!

And then our van broke down (twice) in the middle of no where. Some of our group went exploring. The scenery was beautiful! Fortunately, a kind passer-by sent a replacement ride home.

Madagascar cities are crowded, and the people are very poor.

Many work as street vendors. Need an almost-new pair of shoes?

We made many friends in Madagascar.
The definite HIGHLIGHT of our trip was the WELLNESS CENTER.

The Wellness Center is a project of our missionary hosts, Reinier and Kristen Vorster. They purchased the land, a donor put in a well, and another donor built a latrine.

Every Monday, they feed the villagers. For approximately $50, they are able to buy enough rice to feed about 150 hungry men, women and children. The beans and vegetables are extra and chosen based on the local harvest.

Reinier and Kristen build relationships through soccer time.

They teach the Bible and worship with the villagers.

This visit, there were canvas bags available with beautiful ceramic bowls, a solar light, a little candy, and for many, a purple team t-shirt. The adults received blue bags; the children, purple bags. The line was very long.

Each bag has the words: "What do I know? I am God's child. He loves me. He's coming back for me. No matter what happens, I can trust Him". That's a promise for all of us!

We also saw some crazy-cool lemurs, a giant turkey, one dirt-ugly chicken, avocados the size of small cantelopes, and a strange shrub-trimming style. We graced with our presence the two BEST latrines in all of Madagascar, and enjoyed the most beautiful flowers.

Reinier and Kristen Vorster are extraordinary people.

They didn't ask the team to help raise support, but how could we not?

They left home and family and everything familiar to pursue God's purpose. The work they are doing is great. They are doing everything Jesus told all of us to do, i.e. take the Gospel to the whole world and do it while feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving water to the thirsty and visiting those in prison (Matt 25).

They remember what we often forget; the "harvest is great and the laborers are few." (Matt 9:37)

With joyful expectation, they await the birth of their first child this July; a boy (for whom they still do not have a name!)

To learn more about the work Reinier and Kristen are doing in Madagascar, check out their web site Mission2Mada.com.

If you'd like to be part of the work in Madagascar, please visit Mission2Mada.com. Type VORSTER in the name box. The one-time or monthly donation process is simple!

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