Protest at State Capitol Expected January 6 JANUARY 5, 2021

Protest at State Capitol Expected January 6

Salem, Ore. — The Salem Police Department and Oregon State Police are aware of a planned protest at the Oregon State Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Operation Occupy the Capitol! is set to begin at noon.

For events that occur at the state capitol, the Oregon State Police (OSP) has jurisdiction and enforcement responsibility. However, the Salem Police Department will work in a support role to OSP and assist when requested and needed. The assistance may include patrol, crowd management teams and SWAT officers deploying to the state capitol or the surrounding areas.

Salem Police officers are ready and prepared to achieve Chief Womack’s previously set objectives related to protest activities in the Salem Police Department’s jurisdiction.

To the extent possible, residents are encouraged to avoid the area around the state capitol as there may be disruptions to traffic flow.

Please monitor the Salem Police Department or OSP’s media platform for any traffic or police advisories.

Thank you.

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