NBMS GT Newsletter COVID-19 Spring Edition

COVID-19 GT Update

Due to COVID-19 and the statewide school closures, all GT field trips have been cancelled for the remainder of the year. We were all looking forward to culminating our year with some fun time away from campus as a group and showing off our fabulous new t-shirts! We will just have to showcase our shirts next year. Anyone who didn't order a shirt, will get another opportunity to order in the fall. All 6th & 7th lunch payments were deposited and will be applied to next year's field trip lunch. Any 8th grader who paid for lunch and would like a refund, can request one when we return. However, we hope that you will consider donating it and allowing us to put it towards an end of the year snow cone/ice cream celebration. We are all hopeful that we will get to say goodbye to our 8th graders in person in May!

NBMS '19-'20 GT T-Shirt Design

Thank you to Julianna Howard for her GT design and Mr. Lavergne for the perfect quote suggestion. The t-shirts came out beautifully! Wear them with NBMS pride!
Please explore these GT resources compiled by Blake Haygood, our NBISD Differentiation Specialist, for all GT students to access while learning from home. The list will be updated periodically, so make sure to come back often to explore all these great opportunities to extend your learning and challenge your minds. All GT extension activities are optional, but please keep in mind that it is crucial to be challenging yourselves in meaningful ways so that you remain an engaged and active learner during this time at home. Take some time away from those game controllers and phones and apply your brilliant minds:) Binge a little Lego Masters, too!
As your campus librarian, I will ALWAYS remind you to READ, READ, and READ some more! I've been spending lots of money to add new titles to our ebook and audiobook library, as well as adding some great new resources to our library catalog. Don't forget to log into DESTINY DISCOVER to check out all the newest ebooks and leaning links! So many fantastic reads to dive into, with many more on the way in the coming days!

Please enjoy these FINAL photos of NBMS GT KIDDOS FOR '19-'20

7th graders were busy showcasing their incredible GT skills in preparation for the STEAM-O-RAMA competition with ORMS, while the 8th graders were illustrating various career ideas based on a simple string trace design. So much imagination and talent! Always a fun time in the library when GT students are engaged during advisory activities!

Keep up with your work! Attend your zoom and google meet sessions! Turn in your assignments. Check your email. Pay attention to any Reminds from teachers. Check your grades. Reach out if you need help! We are all here for you and know that you are all committed to doing your best possible work every day!
Parents, please help your GT student finish the year strong for the remainder of our COVID-19 STAY AT HOME LEARNING. make sure they are completing assignments and classwork as expected.
Please reach out to us for any GT questions or concerns. We are available to help you make great decisions and finish the year strong!