Those who are searching for a Home will find themselves frustrated again and again because they will find again and again that it turns out to be only a house. Home was their idea. It was their illusion, their hallucination. It was their poetry, their romance. They have been weaving and spinning something invisible around the house which nobody else can see - only they can see it. But it is just a mind game. Man is born homeless, and man remains his whole life homeless. Yes, he will make many houses into homes and he will get frustrated. And man dies homeless. To accept the truth brings a tremendous transformation. Then you don't search for a home - because home is something there, far away, something other than you. And everybody is searching for a home. When you see its illusoriness, then, rather than searching for a home, you will start searching for the being that is born homeless, whose destiny is homeless. There is no way to make a home. And this is a miracle: the moment that you realise that there is no way to make a home, then this whole existence is home. Then wherever you are, you are at home; because now there is no question of making a home - now there is no question of creating an illusion. You have accepted your homelessness, not with any unwillingness, any resistance, but joyously, because it is good that you are born without a home; otherwise that home will be an imprisonment. Just think, if people were born with a home, they would be born imprisoned. To be homeless is to be free. It is freedom. It means there is no attachment, no obsession with anything outside; that you are not in need of getting some warmth from the outside, but that your warmth is within you. You have the source of warmth inside; you don't need it. So wherever you are - without a home - you are strangely at home. The people who are searching for a home are always getting into despair, and finally are going to feel, “We have been cheated, life has cheated us. Somehow it gave us the desire to find a home - and there is no home at all, it simply does not exist."




Tareeq*, 28, was kicked out of his house at the age of 11. Born in Syria, Tareeq moved to Denmark with his family at the age of three. He has been unable to find stability in life ever since. At a remarkably young age, Tareeq got involved in selling drugs. His parents found this unacceptable and by the age of 11 he was forced to leave his house. Through selling drugs, he had made decent money and friends and since then, he has always been on the move, travelling around various cities in Denmark selling drugs and finding shelter. He has his good days, but followed by bad ones. Financial debt and Tareeq's life go hand in hand. When tourist season is on, he is flying over a quarter million as he gets to sell the most. However, when days are bad he is under debt of over 50,000dkk.

Ever since he left his house he has never stayed in one place. Sometimes he sleeps at friends' places, other times in a shelter and during his worst days, he sometimes sleeps on the streets. Today, Tareeq lives at a friend's apartment who owes him a large debt. It seems that it might take him a few years before he can pay Tareeq back. Till then, Tareeq has a place to stay. He only ponders upon the present because who knows what will happen in the future. For now, Tareeq has his blissful little den where he does all that life requires him to do.



Bastian* is a young 22 year old who has been homeless since the age of 15 when his parents got separated. The situation was tough on his mental state and he eventually started living with friends in Copenhagen, trying to survive without money. At the age of 16, he found a job in a restaurant. However, he was unable to earn much since he was underage. He did not get any help from the government either because they assumed he is a junkie. Bastian got involved in using drugs at an early age and somehow managed to survive in the big city with enough money to eat twice a day and a place to lay his head at night in an abandoned apartment. For at least two years, he did not contact his parents. At 17, he visited his father in Thailand, where for six months he learned to become a bartender. After returning to Denmark, he tried to find a job in Aalborg, the city known for its bars but was unable to for three months. Eventually, at the age of 19, Bastian joined a school for artisans where he learned juggling and wood carving. He always had a passion for wood carving as it was his father's primary business.

Today, Bastian is living in a small room in a basement shared with another family. His room is full of various statues made of wood and other art installations. He is also trying to learn to start up his own business about wood designs. It has been a tough journey, he says, but full of life's adventures. His most prized possession is his jacket given to him by his father, which has been with him since the age of 15. This jacket helped him spend cold nights in the streets.



Sunshine*, 21, was kicked out of her house by her mother at the age of 12. Her mother was a heavy drug user and getting kicked out of the house at that age is a scary thought.

Sunshine had a terrible childhood. She was always bullied in school because of her looks and behavior. Meanwhile, the situation at home was intense because of her parents. She would not have imagined in her worst nightmare that she would be kicked out. Preparing for such an event was not even a thought that had occurred to her.

Since then, Sunshine has been on the move. On the streets, empty handed and weeping is how Kevin had found her. Kevin is like a brother to Sunshine, a brother from another mother who was also homeless since 20 years. Kevin took take of the little girl and raised her. She made friends with Kevin's friends - a group full of homeless individuals. It was there she found her girlfriend and the two started living together in a trailer at the age of 15. She always knew she loved women, she says. Eventually, they broke up and she had to move. After a few years she met someone else and got married. They lived together in an apartment for two years before they got separated. Her wife was a heavy drinker and one day she sold the apartment and moved to Copenhagen. Since then, Sunshine doubted and questioned her own life. Heartbreak was a recurring theme in her life.

Today, Sunshine is living in a small room given to her in the school where she works as a painter and a cleaner.She also learned the art of tattooing and provides that service as a side job.

Names of the subjects have been changed.

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