The students with high enthusiasm and excitement are looking forward to going to Spain for their first performance.

They rehearsed five acts of the play and they prepared costumes of their characters.

They also took photos of their favourite monuments.

During the Erasmus classes we talked about Spanish monuments and cuisine.

The students designed the cover page of the "Lazarillo de Tormes" book.


We worked a lot, we made lots of rehearsals and we are ready for Spain!

Our project students went on attending their courses during this month.

They worked hard with their trainers for the final rehearsals. It was observed that the students were good at acting on their roles and dancing in the play.

We invited other classes and they watched our rehearsal.

Their costumes for the performance were designed and prepared.

We chose presents for Spain mobility.

T-shirts with the project logo were prepared for the project team including both trainers and students.

Our Istanbul provincial director of education invited us and we introduced our project.


We also rehearsed a lot. Sometimes the rehearsal was tiring and difficult. But we are almost ready!

On the 23rd of January, our Heritage Project was on TV in Spain.

We had a long TV interview and we could show our activities to all our region.

It was great to visit a TV studio!

We were rather nervous because the programme was live news, but we were very happy that our interview was a success!


Rehearsals, rehearsals and again rehearsals... but we are ready for Valencia!!!

This month we started the rehearsals...

We also prepared the costumes...

And the project corner...

We participated in "My favorite Monument Selfie Photography Contest"...

And finally, on 22 January I presented the project activities to my colleagues.

What a busy month!


A month full of tasks to accomplish before leaving for Valencia for the first mobility.

Following the useful Jorge’s suggestions we got during the Joint staff meeting in November in Valencia we started drama lessons club in the afternoon.

First we read “El Lazarillo de Tormes” story in class using Magdalena’s Wixfile on the Heritage project website.

After that we created a poster to reorganize our ideas- roles, characters, drawings of the costumes, music scores and started rehearsing the story using the script given in Valencia.

Music Teachers together with the guitar and clarinet students prepared the music scores, and then the second class orchestra played them.

Last meeting before leaving:

Hard work at school during the afternoon drama workshop.

Last rehearsals wearing costumes...

And the final dance.

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