Pittsburgh by: Marissa


Pittsburgh is a commonwealth city in Pennsylvania, United States. Native Americans were the first people to arrive and they spoke in a Seneca language. In the 1900's, the government would provide immigrants jobs if they voted in the presidential election. Pittsburgh was filled with Republican people at the time. Over the many years, the population has grown and it's become the 20th largest city in America.

Pittsburgh 1908


Red Curry; A Famous Dish.

Westerns, Mexicans, Koreans, and Filipino's have come to Pittsburgh to contribute to the city. Pittsburgh has a lot of cultural food such as Red Curry (combines bamboo, carrots, peas, and basil in rice) and the Gobberito (burrito with turkey, potatoes, stuffing, corn, and gravy). Pittsburgh's people also listen to jazz music brought by African Americans.

Things To Do

One thing to do in Pittsburgh is take a relaxing boat ride on the Allegheny River. It takes about a half an hour to forty five minutes. If you like Steelers, you can go to Heinz Field to watch them play. Also, you can take a ride in the Duquesne Incline. It takes about three to five minutes to come down from the top. While you're up there, you can also see the water and the Pittsburgh buildings.

The Allegheny River & Heinz Field.

Location Details

Pittsburgh has a latitude of 40.44 and a longitude of -80.00. It is elevated 239 meters above sea level. Pittsburgh has a total population of 305,704, making it the second biggest city in Philadelphia. The city is one hour ahead of Illinois considering they are on the Easter Side. It would take 9 hours and 11 minutes to drive to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh at Night.


Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh Pirates are just three of the most popular teams in this city. The Steelers are a football team and have won the NFL Championship six times. The Penguins are an ice hockey team and won the Stanley Cup four times. Thirdly, the Pirates are a baseball team that won the World Series Championship five times. Many people enjoy to watch the teams play.

Pittsburgh Steelers After a Victory.

Pittsburgh Penguins Winning the Stanley Cup.

Pittsburgh Pirates on Field.


The months May, June, July, August, and September have nice weather with good temperature. July is predicted to be the warmest and hottest month, reaching up to eighty degrees Fahrenheit at times. Rain only comes every so often.



Pittsburgh is a beautiful and wonderful place to travel or reside in. There are tons of things to do while you're there and many new foods to try. If you are planning to travel there, make sure you either go in the months June, July, August, or September because there are the nicest and prettiest times to go.

Andy Warhol Bridge.

You can also walk on the Andy Warhol Bridge and look down at the river.


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