Robin's Arkansas Trip Lara Davis, Ev Kent, Leigh Walker, and Melissa K Bland

Tricia Liscio, District Manager for P&C and Kimberli Brownlee, LTS for M&S

March 28

Pulaski Technical College

1pm Mike McMillan, Interim Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor

In 2017 Pulaski joined the University of Arkansas system, He would like to discuss the future of the school and how we can partner together. Degree from University of Arkansas Computer Information Systems, Taught at Pulaski for 17 years, was Dean of Business & Information Technology. Lara Davis

1:30pm Human A&P 1&2 Take-away Presentation

Faculty: Beth Miller, DVM (uses technology), Darrellyn Williams (uses technology & loves mastering), D.C., Martha Eshleman, M.D. (does not use technology but loves Amerman)

Two out of 4 faculty are "sold" on Pearson and the Amerman text. They both did a pre-publication review during the summer of 2014. During the Fall of 2015 one of the faculty members piloted the 1st edition of the text along with the corresponding Mastering A&P for a hybrid course. They have been gathering "evidence" to convince other colleagues that we need to switch to Pearson.

They have been using McGraw-Hill McKinley text and Martin lab manual since Fall 2012. Only two others utilizes the online media, Connect. This is a touchy subject.

UCA faculty member corresponded with faculty regarding Mastering vs Connect and shared the following student comments from evaluations:

1) Students love the homework assignments on mastering a&p because it forces them to practice understanding the material

2) Students love the videos that are included in the mastering homework as well as those that they can access in the my study area because it really helps them to visualize what is going on in a format that they like

3) Students really enjoy and use the PAL 3.0 human cadaver and practice practical exams to study for the lab practical’s (for this one, a student that has used both mastering and connect because they happened to be taking the classes over the two years said that he really liked the mastering version of this and that connect really did not compare at all.)

4) Students don't particularly like the physioEx labs because they are not hands on and are lengthy

5) Students absolutely love learning catalytics and wish we could use it every day in class (but I just don't have time)

6) Students hated the connect homework assignments but they liked learnsmart as long as it wasn't for a grade

7) The only issue when learnsmart is not used as an assignment is that you can't edit it so the student studies more than you cover which is a waste of time

2:30pm Spanish with MySpanishLab: Sherri Ray Trevino & Cheryl Moody with Leigh Walker

3pm Academic Success (all 3 divisions have business) Mylabsplus: Dev math, Student success and Dev Reading

4-6pm After hours Customer Appreciation: HSSL: Leigh Walker, P&C: Lara Davis (LTS), Ev Kent (new rep), & Tricia Liscio (DM), Math: Melissa Bland, Kimberli Brownlee (LTS)

March 29

University of Central Arkansas

9am-9:50am Major’s Biology II Class with Learning Catalytics, Doyne Health Science 141: Melissa

Kyle Hurley, Biology. He teaches Earth Science with Tarbuck and Biology II with Campbell/Urry (Major's) with Mastering and Learning Catalytics

11-1pm Revel Pop-up event (Leigh Walker) and Rwanda Study abroad table (Melissa) ( University Center

We are hosting a table in the student center. Revel Pop-up event along with UCA student study abroad and science education outreach in Rwanda. Faculty and students will be involved. Rwandan schools have identified basic science education as a need and UCA students get hands-on learning. They study science and society in Rwanda. Students do not have books to read for leisure. Dr. Leah Horton and Dr. Jayme Stone

By doing these events together we will have publicity on the UCA website and emails sent to all faculty and administrators. We will also have a greater pull of faculty and students to pull to our tables to learn about what Pearson is as a company and works with our focus for “Charting Equity in Higher Education: Drawing the Global Access Map, is the newest entry into the Open Ideas at Pearson series of global thought leadership.“ (

1-2pm Lunch on campus in the University Center

2-3:30pm AIS Revel demo and employ ability Blitz. Lara Davis

4-6pm VIP customer social time at Melissa's home in Conway.

6:30-8pm Science Wednesdays with faculty (faculty from all disciplines attend these nights from UCA and Hendrix College)

Arkansas Trivia: Johnny Cash- Born in Kingsland, AR

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