My Poetry Project by: Ian Etienne



A symbol for America, standing tall and proud

his fierce gaze sweeping the valley

all animals fleeing from his stare, even the bear.

Peep! You hear from over there.

A chick tumbles out, even the fish stare,

then the eagle swoops down, quick as a hare.

The fish tries to escape, and ducks into the water.

The eagle stays on his tail.

The fish tries to shake him but to no avail.

The eagle seizes the fish, plucks it into his mouth and

soars away.

When the eagle gets back the chick nips his tail,

the bald eagle gives him a glare.

Then the eagle glides down, and


The end.

Ode to Parents

Protecting and advising,

telling right from wrong.

Taking care of you,

like a mother bear to her cubs.

Providing and showing

the way of life.

Exposing you to different things,

while allowing you imagination to run wild.

Even when "they put you in the doghouse"

and bark at you,

they still love you.



Sprinting down the pitch,

deking and unbalancing,

finally seeing a glimpse of goal,

two goals now. You are on a roll!

Now, you are on defense.

You watch the ball,

trying to cause the attacker to come to a stall.

You open your legs for one quick second,

and then you realize it was a bad idea, and bam!

You're megged!

You turn and chase him for a few yards,

and then launch into a two footed tackle.

The referee runs up to you and shows you a card,

it is a glaring red card.

And, that is how you find yourself suspended for three


Time Waits for No Man

-Geoffrey Chaucer and Freed G. Etienne (my dad).

You remember when you were five, and now you drive,

You remember when you were six, and now the stick shift clicks,

You cruise down the drive of life, and now you have a wife,

You are seventy-nine, and now you are racing against time,

Now you climb into to the heavens because "time waits for no man".





has been

freedom, finally.

I can relax and party till I drop.


Kennedy, Caroline and Jon J. Muth. A Family of Poems: My Favorite Poetry for Children. New York: Hyperion/ Hyperion for Children, 2005.

Photos: Etienne Family Photos and file photos from


Created with images by Pen Waggener - "Bald Eagle" • Alexas_Fotos - "family parents child" • Sean MacEntee - "Ireland -v Brazil in London" • liberalmind1012 - "Tulsa time centennial style" • kliemphoto - "piñata party celebration"

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