RMC 0 - 3 Carleton Saturday - 2018/09/22

Kingston, ON - RMC (0-6-1) fell 3-0 to Carleton (4-3-2) on Saturday afternoon.

For the second consecutive game, RMC keeper Claudia Rusu saved a penalty kick.

A Carleton goal was called offside in the latter stages of the first half.


The game remained scoreless at the break.


Shalene Denovan opened the scoring for the visitors soon after halftime.

61' & 74'

#9 Tori Macfarlane checked into the game for the Ravens at halftime, scoring her first of the year soon after. Melissa Gilligan later added to Carleton's lead.

Falling 3-0 to Carleton, the competition doesn't get any easier for RMC, who host Ottawa (7-1-1) at 1:00 PM on Sunday.

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