Prisoner Rights Should They Exist?

Many people believe that prisoners should have rights. However, I believe that the prisoners throw their rights in the trash when they committed the crime. According the polls found on the internet, like the one on, Around 3% more people believe that prisoners should be able to vote well the 47% that disagree argue that if you commit a crime and hurt someone in any way you shouldn't be able to choose the leader of a community that looks down on you.

Thanksgiving in a prison.

Other disagreers agree that the prisoners already get free food, an ok bed, and toiletry, and showers. They think that prisoners choose their actions and should deserve the harsh confinements of prison to suffer the pain the caused, wether it be mentally or physically.

When the judge finds a criminal guilty of a crime worthy of prison the rights of that person are taken away. However, the still have 'rights' that I agree with. The are given the right of no unfair and cruel punishment. The prisoners are also free of sex crimes while in custody. The can also complain about the prison conditions to a judge in an attempt to make them better. Also in prison all inmates are free from discrimination and are entitled to the first amendment rights. All disabled prisoners get special treatment from guards to prevent harassment from other prisoners and all inmates get free decent health and mental care from doctors.

In my opinions these are enough rights for the people who chose to discard their original right by committing the crimes that they have. Free food, health care, beds, bathroom, and sometimes even a TV! some prisoner even have live better than some people who can't afford anything.


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