Canada in 2041 Faizan Malik


Hi, im the youth minister in Canada and im looking to tackle problems right now to make Canada more sustainable by 2041. I will make a solution/proposal to each problem in Canada.

Industries leading to enviormental issues

Industries like fishing,mining,farming are affecting the environment, but I have a solution. These companies are making money because of what they are doing, they wont stop unless they are not making money. So my proposal is to charge them a 20% tax whenever these companies are fishing,mining, or farming. While it is hard to focus on them all at once we will start to tackle the fishing issue for the next 5 years then mining then farming,that way it will be more sustainable. This will easily stop this issue because the companies will be losing more money than they make.This plan will take a total of 15 years and maybe even sooner!


The population is getting older and that means less jobs are being taken! But I have a solution. People would love to immigrate to Canada because it is most likely a better situation/lifestyle. Also because it is an aging population, there will be more job opportunities.Since the U.S is also appealing, we would have to add a bonus to be more appealing than other countries. So i'm proposing that we add a bonus for an immigrants first job. We will give them in increase in benefits and a better pension plan.. This way their will be more people willing to take jobs that less people work at.

As you can see above many people are born in Canada, so in 2041 if we don't act there will not be enough jobs taken.


Urban sprawl is the uncontrollable expansion of an urban area. This is wasting land, when it is easily avoidable. This is mainly caused by people wanting convenience or don't want to live in an apartment. My solution is to make apartments instead of houses and put restraunts, and all other attractions inside. This way you can save space and accommodate the same amount of people. If we can continue into this trend in 2041 maybe there will only be apartments

There are also green areas that should be seperated rather than all in one area.


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