Your MaP For Rags To Riches A Simple Strategy Anyone Can Follow...

Thanks to technology, people all over the world now have a chance to create themselves an online brand, along with a brand community, that will feed their families and their consumers for years to come!

Come with us on this very lucrative adventure! Not only is this the best time to ever exist, for starting your own business but you can also have fun doing it!

If Having An Above Average Income With The Time Freedom To Enjoy It Is Important To You...Then You Are In The Right Place...Read Every Word Of This Document

This Map Will Start You On Your Adventure!!

M essage...

M is the first letter in the word M-A-P... So let's start there...

M - essage. All you need is a message. Now of course you have to monetize your message, but forget about all that for right now, we will discuss that later.

Your Message is what will differentiate you from your competitors. It IS the reason that drives you to succeed. It is why you do what you do! This is the kind of genuineness your target audience is looking for!!

Your Message is uniquely yours, it has value. Maybe it is simply your viewpoint or your ethics regarding a certain matter. Maybe it is your unique angle or spin on things! Whatever, it may be, I want you to know it has value. If you have figured out a solution to some problem someone else is going through, then there are people out there, who are going through that same problem who are willing to pay you for your advice!

Your Message, is Why you are in the business that you are! It is what makes your soul sing! It is what you do for fun! It is what you are meant to do!! It is your personal, brand and consumers story!

What is your message to the world? If you had the undivided attention of millions of people...What would you want to tell them? What do you want people to know? Why should they care?

Here is why creating an income from nothing more than, Your message is so cool!!! The speed at which you can spread a message in the world today is staggering!! If you couple that with the right monetization techniques then success can happen...Very Rapidly!!

There are several more aspects to crafting your message that are beyond the scope of this quick little, "Hotsheet" , However, we go into a much deeper dive into the subject within the monthly training entitled, "Your MAP" which you can find at the web address... Go Ahead and sign up, we'd love to have you join us!!

Let's move on to the next letter in the word M-A-P...The, "A"!!

A udience...

You must have an Audience to deliver your message to or else your message will simply, fall up on deaf ears! Your message should be crafted to speak to a certain Audience. These, are the people you are trying to reach!

These are your people! The one's who speak your language and understand the message you are telling them. Another way to put this is, who is your ideal clients? What kind of people would you like to attract? What is it they are looking for? What do they need? What Do they Want? What is it they are looking for help with, but can't seem to find any solid, concrete answers with?

You want to build a bond with your Audience and let them know that, you were once where they are and you know what they are going through. This will eventually lead to them trusting you more easily.

P roduct Line...

The way you monetize your message is to craft a message that is directly related to a product you sell or a service you offer. This could be, (among other things) a physical product, a digital product or a service you provide. This MAP approach will help you sell almost anything that exists.

Just craft your message so that it, captures your audiences attention, peaks their curiosity and makes them take, "the next step", which is...Whatever action you want them to take. Do you want them to sign up to your email list, go watch a video, click the share button? Maybe you want them to purchase your product.

Figure out what it is you want them to do, and tell them to do it! People, generally speaking want to be told what to do, although most would never admit to that!! Simply, telling them what to do will increase your success! figure out what your MWR (Most Wanted Response) is and tell them to do it!

To get better results even, you must give them a reason to take that action. Signing up to your newsletter, is Not a reason. People, Don't want signed up to another newsletter! What they do want is a, "Case study" on how, "14 Year Old Girl Makes More Money In One Month On Instagram, Than Mommy And Daddy Make All Year At Thier Jobs!!"

Thank You For Reading This And I hope it helps you to simplify things with an easy to follow and understand strategy, that does not overwhelm and confuse you! Lord Knows we have enough of that out there!!

I have created A video series that goes much deeper into, this exact same subject matter... "Your MAP"! If you feel like this stuff is your, "cup of tea" then, I truly believe that you know it. And if, this does sound like something you'd be interested in, we'd love to have you come check out our little community of money creation wizards!

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step. But With The Help Of A Trusted Knowledgaeable Guide, That Thousand Mile Journey Can Be Turned Into...A Ten Minute Hike!! - Mike Gladson Publisher Of, "The Leverage Letter"

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