The Book Thief Themes By jake riggio

Death is better than living without a loved one.

"With one eye open, one still in a dream, the book thief-also known as Liesel Meminger- could see without question that her younger brother, Werner, was now sideways and dead."(Zusak)

When Liesel lost her brother that night on the train it was an experience that would leave her scared for the rest of her life. This traumatic night resulted in Liesel having nightmares every night about her brother. She had an immense love for her brother which was torn apart right in front of her own eyes. This caused Liesel to feel very lonesome at times because she lost a loved one.

This Ted Talk deals with how when we live within a lonely society it is hard to be an individual and forget about the past. This connects with my theme beautifully because Liesel is now living in a lonely society and state of mind with the recent passing's of her mother and brother. The small bit that gives her hope is that she still composes letters to her mother because she is unaware of her death. The Ted Talk describes how Death can result in a lonely society because of a loss of a loved one.

Rebellion can be Dangerous

" In 1933, 90 percent of Germans showed unflinching support for Adolf Hitler. That leaves 10 percent who didn't. Hans Hubermann belonged to that 10 percent."(Zusak)

According to this quotation from the novel 90 percent of the German people showed loving support for Hitler. For those who did not believe in his ways it was very intimidating because the majority of the German population followed the Nazi way. Hans Hubermann is one of the few Germans that does not support Hitler and his Nazis. This quote represents my theme because Hans is in a way being a rebel to his country and this puts him at an extreme risk because at this time Germany was far from a free democracy.

This article discusses how the act of being rebellious can result in a dangerous outcome weather or not you'r careful or not. Although the article is religious it can relate to the theme by describing the certain acts of rebellion that produce a dangerous outcome. It is important to recognize that this universal theme can apply to several situations and give evidence to support how the theme is universal and arguable.

Friendship can Conquer Conflict

" She leaned down and looked at his lifeless face and Liesel kissed her best friend, Rudy Steiner, soft and true on his lips. He tasted dusty and sweet. He tasted like regret in the shadows of trees and in the glow of anarchist's suit collection. She kissed him long and soft, and when she pulled herself away, she touched his mouth with her fingers...She did not say goodbye. She was incapable, and after a few more minutes at his side, She was able to tear herself from the ground. It amazes me what humans can do, even when streams are flowing down their faces they stagger on..."(Zusak)

This quote can represent the theme I chose by giving an example from the text on how Liesel and Rudy got through conflict by being each others friends. Liesel and Rudy have an unbreakable bond throughout the story which can be noted in many different areas that include conflict. This quote clearly shows support on how friendship can be a great defense to conflict and difficult situations.

This video can exemplify how a friendship can be a supportive system for when conflict arises. A friendship should always have a purpose and should be a positive experience. When a conflict is present its crucial that a strong bond is present with trust in each other. In other words it is always important to have somebody by your side when your faced with adversity in life.

Summative Theme: Friendship can Conquer Conflict


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