Term 2, 3 and 4 "What I did in ProStart" by Maddie Palmer

Here are my best knife cuts that I cut preparing for competition last year. In the bottom, there is a brunoise. Just to the right of that is a small dice. Just above the brunoise is a jullienne.

This is a pot rack chandelier, where you can hang all your kitchen pots from the ceiling! I think these are super cool for decor, but also as a useful tool to put pots in a place that is easy to access. I found this on lampsplus.com and it priced at $838.00. Maybe won't be getting this one for a long time.

I love this lab where we made homemade fettuccine and ate it with butter and parmesean cheese! Pasta is one of my favorites, so eating it was really delicious. Also, I loved making the pasta! I think the process of making pasta and working with the dough is relaxing and interesting! This applied to what we have been working on as a team because we were experminenting with different types of dough and to test whether we liked the dough or not, we cooked the pasta! Also, we learned the technique of rolling and laminating the dough in this lab.

In this lab, we experimented with cooking the ravioli with egg yolks and adding parsley into the laminated dough. We learned that the egg yolk is not as hard to cook as it would seem and that we needed to remove the stems from the pasta before laminating them into the dough. Also, we learned that the dough needed to be kneaded a lot so the pasta was tender.

In this lab, we experimented a ton with different bases for our cheesecake. We learned that a combination of many different cookies gave a more complex flavor. Also, we learned that adding waffle cone added a good crunch to the base.

Term 3 Adobe Sparks Assignment

My favorite fruit is a Raspberry! It is most highly produced in Russia, with a close second and third coming from Poland and The United States.

Although blurry, here are pictures of what I would wear to a job interview. I chose this outfit for an interview because it is professional and shows that I care about my well-being and how I present myself, which shows a little bit into how I care about doing my best and care about what I am doing. Also, I chose this outfit because it isn't the first thing you notice when you meet me. The simplicity of the outfit allows the interviewer to notice my personality instead of being so focused on my outfit being at one of the two extremes.

Lab #1. In this lab, we learned that our Raspberry Coulis was too runny if we used a certain brand of raspberries. This was very important to learn so that during competition, our raspberry coulis was the right texture. Additionally, in this lab we remembered that our raspberries went through the crumb mixture when plating.

Lab #2. In this lab, we learned that our ravioli were much too big when we used chicken egg yolks and so we switched to quail eggs. Additionally, we learned that for our raviolis to be properly sealed, we needed to use a crimper. These things we learned were very important in preparing for state.

Lab #3. In this lab, we decided to try a recipe for a tuille. We learned that the tuille batter is tempermental when cooking, especially if the pan becomes too hot. Additionally, we learned that we wanted to use the tuille for our dessert and that if we added cardamom, it resulted in a more complex flavor.

Term 4 "What I did in ProStart"

This is a European style table setting for a three course meal.

I manage stress by writing to do lists (so I don't have to think about everything or worry about forgetting something). In these to do lists, I prioritize for the day and near future in relation to all the other things I have to do. To do lists help me stay organized, which in turn helps me feel less stressed that I am going to forget something or not get something done in time.

In this lab, we learned how to use the resources around us creatively by making peach pies for pi day! We had left over canned peach pie filling and instead of letting it go to waste, we were able to celebrate and have fun! Also, this applies to what we are learning because in a restaurant, it is important to be able to repurpose and use resources wisely, instead of letting food go to waste when it doesn't fit exactly into the menu or certain idea one had.

In this lab, we learned how to make latkes! This relates to what we were learning by teaching us about the moisture content in certain potatoes (in this case a Rusett Potato) vs the water content in other types of potatoes (such as new potatoes). We learned that because a Rusett has such a high water content, it is necessary to put the potato in cheesecloth to eliminate the liquid.

In this lab, we made a creamy corn and orzo pasta. This related to our units about different grains. We learned that orzo pasta is a grain-shaped pasta, whereas couscous is a grain and not a pasta.

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