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Shania Steele

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Journey Log #10


SOOOO... Here is yet another journey log about Minecraft (WOOHOO!!)

Actually it's about my thought process behind building the Flat Iron Building for my Raid 7 project, but pretty much.

Alright so this week we are focusing on Raid 7. For this raid, we were given the task to create a new structure that holds some type of importance. So far, the presentations have ranged from the Colosseum in Rome to the Minecraft edition of the Simpson house (which was EXTREMELY cool by the way). I wasn't too sure of what to build so I made my way to Google. Here, I simply typed in "historical buildings in minecraft". Unfortunately, I didn't make it too far. I clicked on the first website which was titled "21 Locations Amazingly Recreated in Minecraft" and was positive I'd find my project here. Now don't get me wrong, they all did seem doable, but also very time consuming. I knew going in to this project that it would take a few hours or so to get everything correct and looking nice, but definitely not all that. My next step was to look into some of famous buildings in Minecraft to either get some ideas or replicate one myself. I found a few short videos with the video where "EPIC" was in title being the most helpful. It was helpful enough though.

I left Youtube and went to the images tab, with something smaller and less detailed in mind, but was also left empty handed here. So at this point in the process, I just started thinking of things I've actually seen or would like to in real life and went through this whole process:

  • Eiffel Tower... Someone did that already
  • Great Pyramids in Egypt... what's the inside even look like??
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa... it's both round and leaning what
  • The Louvre... Way too big and entirely too much detail
  • Statue of Liberty... Boring and done too many times
  • Notre Dame... just no
  • Something in New York???? POSSIBLE

Okay. New York. I can work with it. Since most of the major buildings fall in Manhattan, I looked up images of the Manhattan skyline. I've been to New York a few times before and I was hoping the picture would refresh my memory and I'd be able to pick out most of the buildings. I was wrong. So I instead looked up way buildings are in the Manhattan skyline and matched them to the pictures. The Empire State Building was a fantastic candidate, except it's extremely tall with lots of floors and even more windows and outside details. NEXT. The Chrysler Building seemed like it would be fun to build. Plus I haven't seen too many renditions of it in Minecraft already. However, I wasn't exactly sure how I would do the details towards the top of the skyscraper and felt like myself as the amateur builder that I am would never be able to do the building justice. I moved onto the Bank of America Tower, but the architecture is extremely modern and I just don't think that would go well in Minecraft. The idea of building a bridge briefly crossed my mind and then I realized how incredibly boring and repetitive that would be. I was stuck.

By this time, I had already grilled the idea of building a New York structure into my head except I just couldn't find a structure. I had also took it upon myself to knock out and rebuild a small area in Minecraft with concrete blocks with high hopes of making streets or sidewalks to set up my New York structure perfectly. Therefore, there was absolutely no going back at this point. A New York building was going to be built fro this project. I went back to google and looked up famous buildings in New York then found the Flat Iron building. I remember briefly seeing this building in passing but it wasn't a large tourist attraction in comparison to the Empire State Building across the street. I looked into the structure and saw that it was significantly smaller and would be a lot easier to build. Plus the outside details didn't look too bad either. I decided that this would be the structure for my Raid 7 project and it ended up turning out pretty damn good too (in my opinion anyways).




Created with images by tico_manudo - "Manhattan Skyline"

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