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Stockton - Hales
Journey Log 8
Habits of Mind: Metacognition and Creativity

Oh man what a week. Right after spring break... the "Spring sprint" as what my biology professor referred to it as. It's the final stretch before finals and what could be a better way than to go to class and play games.

I think games are underrated honestly. I love them, especially the board games. Forget the iPads and the iPhones and the iPods and the computers and the apps and the xbox. Sit down with your friends (or your classmates) and get super awkward with cards against humanity or ask ridiculous questions in headbands or blow up ships with battleship.

Games are fun, no doubt about it. But they can also be hard and they can tell us a lot about a person like we talked about in class. They involve strategy and thinking and reading people. They may even make you get your creative hat on.


Not going to lie, I spend a lot of my time playing games. Whether that be on my phone or playing cards with friends on the weekend. They act as sort of an escape from the real world. You get to just think about the game and how you’re going to beat everyone else. My favorite games are card games. Anything from cards against humanity to spades to solitaire. I can’t say I have every met a person who doesn’t like games. There are just so many, you have to like at least some. For me when I think of the word game I think friends and I think of fun.


Some games you really have to get into. Like Sudoku, for instance, it makes you think a few steps ahead and about what numbers can and can’t go in the square. Another one is chess. I have been taught that game so many times and I still can’t get it. That one really makes you think a billion steps ahead. It’s good to think though. Games with strategy are the most fun ones, they keep your mind healthy and active.


Cards against humanity can just speak for itself on this one. It definitely requires you to reflect on your own humor as well as the other people’s around you. You have to use metacognition to know that a certain card would or wouldn’t be funny for that judge. When you’re the judge you have to think about what you find funny or what you think matches the black card literally and so on. It requires a lot of creativity throughout the whole thing. You have to choose from a handful of cards which one you think is funniest. Especially with the nerdier one we played on Tuesday. That one made us really go out of our comfort zone. Half the time I didn’t even know what the card meant, but I learned from it and created a weird scenario anyways. Creativity brings games to life.


I cannot even begin to imagine the number of games that there are. From cards to board games to acting out games to tag to sports to computer games and so on and so forth. There is a game for everyone, undoubtedly. I think that’s what makes them so unique; there aren’t a lot of things in the world that please everyone. Game variety allows everyone to have their fun.

Yes, as I’ve stated over and over games are fun, but they are also more than that. I didn’t think I would and I didn’t at first, but I can tell with Minecraft. I’ve learned that it’s not really about the end product, but it’s about the determination, creativity, reflection, and the process of being able to create something amazing on your own. That’s literally what writing is about. All throughout school we’re taught, “don’t plagiarize,” “be creative,” “make great things.” Well when it comes to writing we’re doing the same thing we do in Minecraft. Taking your own ideas and turning them into words that sound good is a struggle and most students would probably say the same. But even when you fail and even when your writing sucks, you can learn from that and always improve. So like games, you have the ability to choose what path you want to take, you can win and you can lose, but either way the experience is most rewarding.

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