First a plant has to take in water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide.
The roots take in water through the soil. The petals breath in carbon dioxide. Finally the chlorophyll captures the sunlight.
Light energy is absorbed and converted into chemical energy in the form of ATP and NADPH that are formed in phase one to make glucose.
once glucose is produced, it can be joined to other simple sugars to form larger molecules. These larger molecules are complex carbohydrates, such as starch.
Carbohydrates are composed of repeating units of small organic molecules. The end products of photosynthesis also can be used to make other organic molecules, such as protein, lipids, and nucleic acids.
Activated electrons are passed from one molecule to another along the thylakoid membrane in a chloroplast. The energy from electrons is used to form a proton gradient. As protons move down the gradient, a phosphate is added to ADP, forming ATP.
From the electron transport chain leads into the calvin cycle. The first step of the calvin cycle is called carbon fixation, six carbon dioxide molecules combine with six 5-carbon compounds to form twelve 3-carbon molecules called 3-phosphoglycerate. The joining of carbon dioxide with other organic molecules is called carbon fixation.
The second step, chemical energy is stored in ATP and NADPH is transferred to the 3-PGA molecules to form high-energy molecules called glyceraldehyde 3-phosphates. ATP supplies the phosphate groups for forming G3P molecules, while NADPH supplies hydrogen ions and electrons.
The third step, two G3P molecules leave the cycle to be used for the production of glucose and other organic compounds.
The final step of the calvin cycle, an enzyme called rubisco converts the remaining ten G3P molecules into 5-carbon molecules called ribulose 1, 5-biphophosphates. These molecules combine with new carbon dioxide molecules to continue the cycle.


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