Little Big History: Trucks Written by: Nathan Rentz

Truck have been a very important vehicle for just about everyone on Earth. Just about every household has some type of truck that they use at least once or twice a week. Trucks have been around for about 120 years. The first truck was built in 1896 in Germany by Karl Benz. The reason he wanted to build a truck was for farmers, they would be able to haul their supplies faster and easier.

First Truck That Karl Benz Built

Trucks are really important to the global society because trucks are used to haul heavy things and also haul trailers that most other vehicles can not. Pickup trucks are not the only thing that are around, there is a lot of different types of trucks. The most popular trucks are the pickup truck, semi truck, and fire truck. Without these we wouldn't have a fire truck to put out water, a semi truck to haul just about everything that you own, and there wouldn't be anything to haul boats and other trailers.

Without the creation of trucks, we wouldn't have these vehicles above.

200 million years after the "big bang" happened, things started to change. The "big bang" created elements that are used in trucks. These elements makes trucks very complex. There is not only elements in the body frame its self, but there is also elements in the engine. Without the elements that create a truck, we wouldn't have anything that would allow us to make a complex truck like we have today.

Trucks are a huge part of agriculture, they haul all of the crops from their farmers to the market to be sold. Without trucks they would have to drive their tractors from their farmers going 30 mph, they would also have to take more trips with the tractor because it wouldn't haul as much. The semi could haul way more crops and at a faster rate. That means that there could be more crops sold, and that means more money that goes into their pocket.

Do you know the reasons why trucks keep getting better and better over the years? Its because of the collective learning that we use to do so. When trucks are being designed by architects they want to design the truck to the standards that would get better with the collective learning Trucks have become more aerodynamic, they have better technology, engines run longer, and they are built for the needs. Collective learning comes in when we learn what the trucks need and what they needed to be equipped with for the needs that they need.

Old Fire Truck and New Fire Truck

Acceleration is also a big part of the development of trucks. Everything that is put on a truck in the factory comes from the factory that it was built from. If there was the acceleration trucks could not even be here. There would not be any parts to find without factories. If there were parts there wouldn't be many because they would have to be built by hand, and that would take a long time. With acceleration which mean there would be factories, and with factories there needs to be employees. For example in the pictures below, Freightliner in 1940 had a small factory. In 2017 they have a huge factory which needs more employees, and that means more work will get done. The more work they get done, the more likely the faster the trucks get built. There would also be parts for people if they needed them.

Freightliner Factory in 1940 and in 2017

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