Gardening 101 Todd & nina's 2016 garden

First of all I'm not the gardening type but I do love fresh vegetables so my aversion to dirt and sweat was out weighed by my love for FRESH veggies. My ally and mostly the mind behind it all is the love of my life, my wife Nina. Nina was and is a country girl though I've tried my best over the years to try and make her into a "girly girl"; country is in her veins.


We first started with preparing the "spot" a year in advance by creating a compost heap where our garden would eventually be planted. I would take our grass clippings, old food from the refrigerator, or tree trimmings or anything organic and put in on the heap and just let it rot, or decompose allowing the nutrients to go back into the earth.

Rich soil

Then we got the tiller out and began our preparation of the soil.

A little hard work goes a long way but the results will be more than worth it. The soil as you can see in the pics and video is dark and very rich with the nutrients from the compost. On the other side of our little shed the soil is not as dark and rich and in 2013 did not yield a bountiful crop of fresh vegetables.

And in the beginning.....

2 Weeks Later

With a little weeding and water we have a few blooms and hopefully within a few more weeks some veggies.

Yellow Squash

Tomato Time

Yellow Corn

More Squash

Critter Fencing

Video and pictures: Beth Goodwin

The garden journey continues....

After 3 weeks we are starting to see blooms and a few fruits of our labor, well mostly Nina's labor.

Cucumbers blooms

We live in a culture that has forgot the joy of working hard and the reward is being able to enjoy the fruit of that hard work. I don't want or long for yesterday but truth and solid principles are always in fashion no matter when or where you were born and raised.

Our cat even gets into gardening. This morning we saw a rabbit scoping out the garden. He was looking for a way in. Thanks to the critter fencing his attempts were thwarted.

Homegrown will always beat store bought!!!

We are harvesting a few "blessing" from our labor, though they are small. We will soon reap a bountiful overflow of tomatoes and corn. Nothing like homegrow vegetables.

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