Elbridge Gerry Vee:)

Elbridge Gerry was born July 7th, 1744 in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Gerry was the third of twelve children. His mother was the daughter of a Boston merchant, and his father was a wealthy trade person at sea. Gerry was a Harvard graduate and shortly after his graduation he spent a few years to help the family business with his brothers. After, he served with Samuel Adams and John Hancock in the Council of Safety and chairman of Comittee of Supply. He was also the 5th Vice President of the US, Under James Madison. There are many more facts ahead.

Gerry's political views were never permanent. They would change with circumstances. others described him as a "cunning" person and a person with "unpredictable nature". This unpredictable nature often caused problems with his allies. He was one to refuse to sign the Constitution but, still attended the meeting afterwards. He had one major slip up in his political life which was the XYZ affair. The outcome was a strain on the relationship between France and the US. He was criticized to thepoint where he embraced the party, Democratic Republican.

Elbridge Gerry at the Constitutional Convention.

Economic views There wasn't much said about his economic views. He was in the trade business which was something he had a quarrel about. Other than that he managed the military's finance and was very good with it.


Well, Basically he was known for refusing to sign the Constitution but still did and he also signed these..

Lower House of Massachusetts State Legislature 1786

Continental Congress 1776-1780

Confederation Congress 1783-1785

The reason why Gerry didn't sign the Constitution was because he believed that it was not sufficient enough to fortify the rights of individuals, and the states. He argued that If there isn't a second convention, he wouldn't sign the constitution. (340)

Gerry is also known as "soldiers friend" because when he entered the Continental Congress, his primary focus was on the military and financial matters. He promoted better pay and equipment but ironically he as against the idea of pension. Wow.

He walked out of Congress after an argument over suppliers pricing and didn't return for 3 years. He was also never very famous because of his involvement in the XYZ affair. But still, he was the VP under James Madison and died in 1814, at age 70.


I sure hope not. Actually, there are a few characteristics that I can relate with such as his tendency to be outspoken. He also was involved in a lot of drama which is basically my whole life. OUTSPOKEN, IRRITABLE, SELF-RIGHTEOUS. You said you didn't think these three words were meant for me but I'm actually quite different from when I'm with my friends and a class setting. I tend to blurt things out and laugh at serious situations, I'm trying to focus on fixing that. IM SOOO IRRITABLE. It's not something to be proud of but I'm actually very moody and get annoyed easily but that's not my fault. I live with two brothers so. And for self-righteous, I'm not sure what exactly to say. I mean he probably thought he was right enough to do all those crazy stupid stunts he pulled. When and if I think I'm right, I just keep it to myself. So there's a slight difference. But other than that, I think my man Gerry and I are pretty tight. Who would've thought, Gerry from Ma? Lifes unpredictable.

p.s. Apparently this guy doesn't like photos, another difference which is why I had to repeat pictures.

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