margaret stanger


I explore things we can’t escape – concepts like fundamental human loneliness, the authenticity of the self, and emotional disconnect. These are paradoxes I think of often, and much of my work focuses on the things I can’t easily express. I make text based visual instillations and objects from things that populate memories that are close to my emotions. I hope to juxtapose these forms with new intimacy and uncomfortablility, drawing from my own experiences, thoughts, and philosophies, in a way that feels authentic and personal.


BOXX Gallery "Fix It" Exhibit, Mar 13 –May 1 , 2017
Tell Me This Will Last Forever. Paint on printed photo. 2017.
Advanced Studio and Senior Projects Exhibit, Dec 6 – 16, 2016
Emotions, detail
Pity Party. 2016. Party letters and streamers.
Pity Party, WIP and detail
Everything You See, lights off
Don't Get too Attached, detail
Alone Again. 2016. EL wire on painted wood.
Alone Again, lights off
Alone Again, detail


Bad Things Happen. Mixed media. 2017
Bad Things Happen, detail
Was It Worth It. Glitter letters and string. 2017
Was It Worth It, detail


Family. Ink on paper. 2017.


Sleepless. 2017.
Loveless. 2017.
Tasteless. 2017.
Timeless. 2017.

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