My Story My life and climate change

I am a Pika.

Not many people know what I am

And sooner or later, no-one will know.

I come from the mountains of Western United States.

Almost a third of my family has died out due to:

Climate change.

Climate change is the change of the Earth's climate caused by consequences of human activity - the main factor, global warming.


Global warming is the gradual heating of the Earth due to the increase of greenhouse gases for example, Carbon Dioxide let out from cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.


This increasing heat affects my family greatly.

We Pikas are terrible in hot weather. We can die from overheating in just a few hours of 25 degree exposure.

With the weather becoming increasingly hotter and our homes melting, we soon will have nowhere to go.

Stopping Climate Change

The major action taken for stopping climate change is reducing pollution of greenhouse gases - Carbon Dioxide gas. Carbon Dioxide is released by many factors of the human environment.

My family are not the only one's suffering.

Many other species are facing endanger too.

It is time to take action before species are wiped out forever.


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