Why did the five women come to Kincoppal- Rose Bay By olivia l, Claudia g, ella g, natalia s and amelie h

Who were these five women?

Alice Elizabeth Woodward

Alice Elizabeth Woodward was born in Bristol, England on the 26th of July 1846. Her father was an Anglican Priest but later in 1858 he converted to Catholicism with his whole family. Alice entered the society at Roehampton and later was chosen to go to Australia. At Rose Bay Alice became the first Principal. Three years later Alice Elizabeth Woodward went back to England and became a successful and a much loved and admired principal in many different schools. After Alice Woodward became a lecturer at the at the Society's Teacher Training College at St Charles, London.

Mary Maclaine Jackson

Mary Maclaine Jackson started as an Anglican and then converted to Catholicism. Mary was a home carpenter. She was described as a very happy and cheerful person. Soon later Mary was put in charge of a school in Melbourne. After about 20 years of working in Australia Mary went to America and worked there until 1902. Soon after this she passed away in 1926.

Sarah Simpson

Sarah Simpson Sarah Simpson was one of the four foundresses that died and was buried in Rose Bay. When Sarah was 45 she was chosen to go to Australia. She entered the Society as one of the sister who were responsible for the care of the sick and the good order of the house. After round 13 years of work, all of a sudden she died in 1895. Her death is unknown.

Febronie Vercruysse

Febronie Vercruysse was a builder. She had and made the decision where to put Kincoppal - Rose Bay. Febronie was a quiet work who was considered quietly strong. She was a very helpful person in the time of the school’s new beginnings. It has been said that she started a free school in the neighbourhood. Febronie went back to Europe. When she got back she got very ill. She spent the rest of her months alive in the same place.

Rose Dunne

Rose Dunne was the youngest of the 5 foundresses of KRB. She was 26 years old when she arrived in Australia. She was born in Dublin, Ireland 31st August 1856. After 30 years of teaching in Australia, she was chosen to move to Japan. She died there in 1937.

What Kincoppal originally was

In 1882 Religious of the Sacred Heart from Roehampton, England and opened Australian School in Claremont, a private home in which they rented for £300 on arrival and purchased two years later. The main school started getting built in 1884 and was completed in 1888 and the chapel designed by John Hobury Hunt was finished in 1900.

What the school used to be

The Students when Kincoppal first opened

When Rose Bay Convent started there was only five students. By the end of the week the number of Students had doubled to ten.

The Arrival

On the 9th of May, 1882, at 7:30 AM, the five nuns were dropped off at had entered Sydney Heads S.S Orient. The Orient was anchored for about five hours because they had to make sure everyone was in good health and it was safe to get off. Once it was finally safe to get off the five nuns were dropped off at Circular Quay to start the Society of the Sacred Heart. On the wharf with the five nuns was also Mr and Mrs John Hughes and their two eldest daughters, Maria and Jane. After waiting for half an hour they were picked up and started driving along Pitt Street.

The Orient

The Orient was built by John Elder and Co in 1879. She was the first ship built for Orient Stream Navigation and also made for Australian mail service. The Orient was a 5,386 gross ton ship, (length) 140,21 metres long, (beam) 14,12 metres (depth) 10,67 metres. She was the biggest ship to go on the Australian route and took 37 days and 22 hours to get from London to Adelaide.

What was Australia like in 1882

Australia back in 1882 was actually 6 separate colonies, we call them states today. New South Wales in 1882 would have been a colony but today we know it as a state. Back in 1882 the states were colonies of Great Britain. The colonies didn't come together as their own country and become states until 1st of January 1901. When the Nuns came they would have known the states as colonies. Our school is actually older than the commonwealth of Australia.

What their goals for the school was

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