Life of Shakespeare Nicholas Garcia period 1

The Church where Shakespeare was buried after his death
This was Shakespeare's home
This is one of the many statues made for Shakespeare in London
This was another memorial for Shakespeare that had one of his favorite sayings on it.

Shakespeare had many plays, poems, sonnets, and short poems.

"Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays, two major narrative poems, a sequence of sonnets, and several short poems." (Lander) A lot of Shakespeare's plays have also been written in different languages for other people. Shakespeare's plays got the attention of a lot of people and the plays became popular in towns, cities, and other places.

Many people like Shakespeare and in school I've read about him a lot so I've seen a lot of his books as well.

He was one of the reasons that we have English, because his work influenced people.

Shakespeare had an enormous influence on the culture throughout the world. His work help shape the world of English speaking countries.

I know that Shakespeare had a big impact on the English world because he had many plays, poems, and stories.

This shows what impact Shakespeare had on people because they are using his words in speeches.

Shakespeare characters, language, and stories are a source of inspiration for people. A lot of his words and phrases have become a part of everyday speeches.

I wonder how people started using his word and phrases to match their speeches.

He was part of a lot of puns that are made today.

Shakespeare's poetry is full of vivid metaphors and brilliant images. His verbal skills reveal the tendency on puns.

I have hear some people say after puns that it was taken from Shakespeare.

Many people admired Shakespeare and what he did.

Shakespeare was highly admired and people loved him. Thousands of scholars had meetings about Shakespeare. They had special libraries that carried his work.

It fits because it shows how he influenced people.

Shakespeare would be very wealthy if he were still alive.

Shakespeare personal life comes mostly from church and legal documents. If Shakespeare was still alive he would be making 25,000 dollars a week because of his plays.

I wonder how much money he would be making in a year.

Shakespeare would be very upset if someone tried to move his body.

When Shakespeare pasted he was buried under an old stone floor in the Holy Trinity Church. He also had this carved into the stone "Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear to dig dust enclosed here! Blessed be the man that spares these stones. And crushed be he that moves my bones."

I wonder if he would get buried somewhere else that the church.

I wonder if he would get buried somewhere else that the church.

Shakespeare married when he was eighteen and then he moved to London after his third and final child was born. It was at London where he started being an actor and playwright.

I wonder if he didn't move to London, would he have started acting and playwright.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet started his career.

Romeo and Juliet was one of the most early plays that Shakespeare had wrote. He had also written thirty-seven more plays.

I wonder what his life would have been like if he didn't write Romeo and Juliet.

He completed a lot in his last eight years.

During Shakespeare's last eight years he was the sole author of only three plays "Cymbline," "The Tempest," and "The Winters Tale." He also wrote three more plays as well.

This fits his life being amazing because he was able to complete so much before passing.


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