Barry Yang
Pope style is a popular style, it was a form of artistic expression in the mid-20th century, 50 was born in the United Kingdom, also known as "new realism" and "new doctrine", it is against all nihilism, by shaping Those exaggerated, visually strong, more realistic than the real life of the image to express a real realism. The most important form of pop art is graphics.
The center of the Pope style is the UK. As early as the postwar period, some of the theorists at the London School of Contemporary Art began to analyze the mass culture, which emphasizes the symbolic meaning of consumer goods rather than its formal and aesthetic quality. These theorists argue that the concept of "good design" is too focused on self-awareness, but should be designed according to the hobby and interest of the consumer to suit the prevailing symbolic requirements. For these theorists, consumer products, like popular fiction and science fiction films, are part of mass culture and can therefore be measured by the same standards. Their cultural definition is "the sum of the lifestyles" and applies this concept to the design of mass-produced items.
Andrew Warhola,Richard Hamilton,Keith Haring,David Hockney
Popular (for the public), short (short-term), easy to forget, cheap, mass-produced, young (object young), flashy, sexy, deceptive stuff, Big business.
POP is often regarded as an abbreviation for the term "popular, fashionable"It represents a popular culture. In the United States under the influence of modern civilization produced by an international art movement, mostly in the image of the upper class or the occasional events in the drama as the performance content
Often in the clothes to see this kind of art so more like
The pursuit of popular, popular fun, the design emphasizes novelty and unique, using a strong color processing. These designs have the color of the game, there is a cynical youth psychological characteristics, like pop songs, with its flexibility and consumerization out of the British state, and then formed as a worldwide design movement. From the design, the pop style is not a simple, consistent style, but a mixture of various styles, he pursued popular, popular taste, against modernism pretentious lofty, stressed in the design Novelty and unique, and bold use of gaudy colors. The pursuit of novelty, the pursuit of eccentric, the pursuit of strange, "spectrum" design style of the characteristics of impermanence, it is difficult to determine the uniform style. Can be said to be all kinds of different eclectic characteristics, it is considered a formalist design style.

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