This week I started off with the idea of going over my levels to give them a lot more detail, I planned on adding in vines, ceiling textures and floor textures to add detail to the game level and make it more immersive. I have currently done level and about 60% of the next level, this has improved the graphics a lot in my opinion I should have all 3 levels done by next week. I thought after starting to add the details to my level that drawing new tiles new tiles would be worth my time, so I created a top to all my blocks so there could be multiple layers of floor, also because they were all designed to fit together it meant I also made bottoms for every tile without having to do anything else because in unreal you can flip and rotate sprites by adding a negative. This change added a lot of variety to the levels and I think made a massive difference to the enjoyment of playing.

snipit of updated Graphics

While working on the art for this part of the level I ran into a bug to do with overlapping the character, if a tile is in front of the camera when the player collides with a block to their left or right, all blocks between the camera and the player will vanish and re appear depending on when the player bumps into other tiles. I have looked online for any form so solution to this but I am yet to find anything that fixed the problem I have been having. I have even made a post on the unreal forums hopping for help but as of yet nobody has responded.

My unreal post

It is getting close to the end of the project now, and my proposal plan doesn't seem to be fitting anymore so from now on I think I'm just going to start polishing the 3 levels and boss I do have, because the levels are done but I feel they could be polished to be much better, for example I under estimated how hard audio was to create, I would much prefer having audio in my 3 levels rather than having a 4th or 5th level with no audio for any of it.

On the Wednesday of this week our class had a peer assessment lesson where everybody gave feedback on each others levels to help inspire new ideas and potentially fine bugs. I'm quite happy with how this event turned out because there were surprisingly no bad critics of my game and overall it seemed to have a very positive feedback. Nobody pointed out any bugs or flaws, even the previously mentioned bug went un-noticed by everybody who played it.

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