3d printing By Francesc.H

I choose this logo because I like soccer a lot and this is the logo of my favorite soccer team. I really like the colors and the players on the team too. This place (Barcelona) is where my heritage is from. My favorite soccer player is on this team. That is where I got my inspiration from.

At first the lines were not connected so I had to connect the design. Also the ball in the middle was too thin and if I printed it would brake,so I made the lines thicker. I did not do much to enchant the positive and negative shapes. All I really did was switch the positive and negative space around to make it look better. I changed a couple of things of the original design. One thing I did was made the ball thicker. Another thing I did was connect all the lines. My idea did not really change as I was working on the project.

The machine used the design in makerbot to make the print. First I loaded the filament and the extruder heats the filament and it starts going back and forth and left and right and the we sigh not was formed by layers of filament. The filament gets loaded by putting it through the extruder and it comes out when it is done heating. To get my design to print I had to take a picture of it I loaded the filament and told the printer to print and it printed in layers. I took the print of by using a spatula like tool and go under it and pulled it out of took it off and grabbed it out with my hand.

The machine turned out as I expected except for the B,that looks like a K. It turned out as I expected except that the B looks like a K.

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