Melanie Robert's IU experience Yailin Zavala, Muchin College Prep

Currently, Melanie is starting to set up the camera for her interview with a representative from a toothpaste company. During Documentary Class, Melanie said that she is a senior in Maryland.
Melanie is practicing the questions and comments she will ask the representative during the interview. The representative was running late to the interview during this time.
Melanie starts the interview and asks the representative questions. She wrote some questions she had in her notebook before the interview.
She is showing the representative the video recorded after the interview. The representative was curious of how he came out in the video.
Melanie is thanking the representative for coming to the interview. She was ready to go work on some more work she had started.
She is going back to her class with her friend Belle that is here from Des Plaines Illinois. They both had everything planned the day before the interview so they did a good job.
This is Melanie working on the pictures for her next project. She was very tired after the interview.
Melanie is looking at her social media after all her hard work. Robert's Documentary Class was a very small class so she was very quiet but confident.
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Yailin Zavala

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