Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity is where there isn't enough water to meet the demands of a country. There are two types of water scarcity physical and economic, economic water scarcity is where there isn't enough money to afford the infrastructure, the pipes and the wells. The other water scarcity is physical water scarcity which is where you have the money to afford the water however there is no water available due to a drought or example.

The main causes for water scarcity in North Africa may be the Enviroment because Africa is very dense and very frequently dry. Another cause is the Technology because they don't have the infrastructure (pipes etc) to get the water which means a small population of North Africa have access to clean water. The visible patterns of water scarcity are in the middle of the year they have the worst water scarcity and at the end of the year the have a little bit more rain available.

The visible patterns of water scarcity are in the middle of the year the have the worst scarcity and at the end of the year the have a little bit more rain then in the middle another visible pattern is the population because in the middle of the year the have more births than around then they would at the end of the year

West Sahara

Where West Sahara is located on the world map

I chose West Sahara because they are one of the places that suffers the worst water in North Africa and that makes me feel bad for them. West Sahara is currently led by Brahmin Ghalil and is 266 000km² and has a population of just over half a million. The rainfall in West Sahara average's about 300ml which is about 400ml less then Perth. The average temprature is around 20°C which is 5° lower than Perth's average temperature. The main cause for water scarcity in West Sahara is the climate. The climate is very dry and it only rains a couple of times a year. Another reason the get very little water is because there is just over half a million people and there water is shared between all those people. In addition because they have very little rain there is very little run off which causes them to have such a little water supply.

President of West Sahara
Photo Of the average rainfall in West Sahara
Photo of the average temperature in West Sahara

The Enviroment affects the water in West Sahara because like Serah's Story the Enviroment caused the well to erode and salt to take over which makes the water salty and undrinkable. The Enviroment can also put diseases into the water which can be extremely dangerous and can wipe out a whole village.

The Negative Effects of water scarcity is if the kids or the adults drink the water they get sick and if the children get sick means they can't go to school which means the get a bad education. Getting the water tisn't easy aswell the girls are having to walk around an hour there and an hour back more than once a day which means they can attend school which also means the also get a bad education.

To Reduce the impact of water scarcity in West Sahara they are currently running a desalination plant and recycling waste water to make it usable and drinkable again so people can have showers and have more accesable drinking water.

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