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This is my interpretation of Mothman. I am no artist but after weeks of researching and reading about the mythical monster, this is my interpretation of what it may look like. I used a pencil because he was often described as gray or black, I would imagine the whole body is however I did not color in the body to show the linings of the wings and legs. He was described to have slender legs and a huge wingspan. I shaped the head almost alien-like but also like a moth, slightly triangular.

This week I wrote my first draft of my paper about Mothman. I had a general idea of what I was going to write about and the organization of my materials but like most cases, my plan was not perfect. I faced failure with the use of my sources as well as change-ups in sources.

For example, I did not use every source as planned. For one source I highlighted a ton of information, however, I used none of it and went an entirely new direction with my material.

Habit of mind: Creativity

I was able to organize my paper using an essential habit of mind: creativity. Creativity was necessary because I had to organize and reorganize then write and rewrite my paper based on how my mind though it would best fit into a creative paper.

My paper goes as follows:

  1. An introduction to the story of Mothman
  2. How the story spread about the city/country
  3. Explanations to what the creature may have actually been (why he doesn't exist)
  4. An incident that may be linked to Mothman
  5. Why we love monsters and why we want to so badly believe Mothman is real and had an important role in his appearances

Overall I am very happy with the topic I chose because it was interesting to research and also to figure out how to use the topic in a paper. I though the way I referred to the Silver Bridge tragedy and Mothman as a prophecy made the paper that much more interesting.


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