Lesson 4 By inari lenon

This are they vocabulary for lesson 4

You have you have to find the CIRCUMFERENCE of the pie

They circumnavigate the place 🛳🏕🛤

They Circumscribe the tree to see if it will able to fit

They circumspect To skydive

The circumstance of the fox

I want to circumvent the police

I have a circumpassion for helping the sick

They encounter each other


Created with images by new 1lluminati - "spiral tribe" • Droid Gingerbread - "Birthday pie" • Benimoto - "Cherry pie" • Elsie esq. - "To circumnavigate the Ring" • Sean MacEntee - "victoria square" • flawedartist - "Skydiving" • digitalprimate - "fox" • Jo Naylor - "cop car 3" • Tony Crider - "SICK" • Franck_Michel - "Encounter"

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