Soviet Union

From @JosephStalin Officially the sole leader of the Soviet Union #newleader

From @JosephStalin Introducing the First Five-Year plan for building a socialist economy #firstfiveyearplan

From @JosephStalin I ordered the execution or imprisonment of millions #kill

From @JosephStalin Today I signed a nonaggression pact with Germany #peace

From @JosephStalin officially fighting back against Germany until they surrender #war

From @NikitaKhrushev New most powerful figure since Stalins death in 1953 #rip

From @NikitaKhrushev today I revealed that Stalin killed 1000s of party members and military #notsorry

Today I removed @NikitaKhrushev and opened the way for another period #newleader

Form @LeonidBrezhnev Look who is the new leader #newleader

Form @LeonidBrezhnev my health is declining but nothing will stop me #notgettingridofme

From @MikhailGorbachev I'm the new leader of the Soviet Union

From @MikhailGorbachev The soviet goods and services is doing well right now

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