Africa, Past and Present By: Brayden Kissell and Amy Clift

Land Use

The main way they use the land and what problem that causes them in terms of money is subsistance farming. Subsistance farming is when you farm food for you and your family only, and you don't trade or sell it for anything. Commercial farming is when you share it with everyone and trade the corn and other food for money and other foods.

Natrual Resoures

Natural Resources

Africa holds a little bit over 52% of all the world's gold supply. They also are up to their knees in Tongstun, Tantilum, and Tin.

Republic of Congo

They have one of the highest problems of poverty, and it is still going on. They also are #1 of 11 of the top poorest countries in the world.

GDP Per Capita

These are the top five highest with there amounts in Africa.

Mauritius 12,800

South Africa 11,100

Botswana 9,200

Seychelles 7,800

Nambia 7,300

There are 16 countries with a lower GDP than 1,000.

Higher GDP per capital have more better education and natural resources this may affect lower GDP per capitals because they don’t have as much and want to go to war.

Life Expectancy

Of the 31 countries with the lowest life expectancy, 28 of them are in sub Africa. Most of them die from Hivs and Aids. There life expectancy is 20 years old.

Slaves on the trade network.

Muslims can't enslave other Muslims so they went and enslaved other people and they were treated better than europian slaves.


Mansa Musa was Muslim's most important king. He went on to haji and he bought back Muslim scholars and architects each to build cities mosques and schools in Timbuktu. The legendary Timbuktu in the center.

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was 21 when he began travels. He set out from Tangier, Morocco. He traveled 75,000 miles. The famous trade route was called the silk road. He settled down in Fez, Morocco. After his travels he wrote about his travels and wrote a book called The Rihla. He died at age 64.


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