Hidden Enemies Emily Hatfield

Chapter 1: Reminiscence

The Devon School appears to be renovated, but it still provokes the same feelings in Gene as he had years before when he attended school at the boarding school. He reminisces on a memory of him and his friend Finny jumping from a tree into the water on the school grounds.

"What was I doing up here anyway? Why did I let Finny talk me into stupid things like this? Was he getting some kind of hold over me? 'Jump!' With the sensation I was throwing my life away, I jumped into space." (Knowles 17)

Dear Diary,

Going back to the Devon School brought back so many memories. I was reminded of my childhood days at the school, and all the events that happened while I was there. While it looked renovated and more peaceful than how I had remembered it, I still got the same feelings I had 15 years before when I attended school here. I remembered one specific memory, the memory of Finny and I jumping into the lake from the tree. I remembered the carelessness of Finny; he had no problem doing crazy stuff like this. No one but Finny would have came up with the idea of climbing the tree and jumping, but once he did, it seemed there was no other choice than to do the same myself. He seemed to have that effect on me. I remembered the slight envy I had for Finny as we walked back to the school after our jump. He was so calm and carefree and I was so uptight. He didn't have a care in the world, while it seemed I had enough to make up for the ones he didn't have.

Chapter 2: Finny the Charming

Finny was able to get away with so much. He wore a bright pink shirt, which went against gender roles at the time, to a big meeting with a school official. He also talked his way out of accidentally wearing a tie as a belt. He and Gene formed the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session, jumping from the tree to officially start the club.

"There was a moment of total, impersonal panic, and then Finny's hand shot out and grabbed my arm, and with my balance restored, the panic immediately disappeared. I turned back toward the river, moved a few more steps along the limb, sprang far out and fell into the deep water. Finny also made a good jump, and the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session was officially established." (Knowles 31).

Dear Diary,

Sometimes even I surprise myself with what I can get away with. I know what you're probably thinking, ‘Wow, Finny surprised with what he can get away with?’. Well, not really. I said sometimes. I’m mostly surprised I got myself out of the tie situation with such short notice. Usually I had time to come up with the excuse, but that had to be on the spot. And dang, I rocked it! Anyways, later Gene and I went out into the lake. We swum around for awhile, when I had a great idea. I told Gene that he and I would jump out of the tree together and form a suicide society. We settled on the name ‘The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session’. But before we could jump, Gene started to lie his balance. Naturally, my instinct was to grab him and make sure he didn't fall out. I mean, he is my best friend and I wasn't just gonna let him fall out of the tree! Once his balance was regained, we jumped, officially forming the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. And wow, was I excited to get this started!

Chapter 3: Finny's Legacy

As the summer goes on, Finny continues to hold the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. He creates a new game, blitzball, and this becomes popular among the boys. Later, Finny convinces Gene to sneak off to the beach with him, where they do lots of fun stuff.

"This kind of sunshine and ocean, with the accumulating roar of the surf and the salty, adventurous, flirting wind from the sea, always intoxicated Phineas. He was everywhere, he enjoyed himself hugely, he laughed out loud at passing sea gulls." (Knowles 47).

Dear Diary,

So far, the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session has been a success! We have meeting every night, and I couldn't be having more fun. Gene continued coming with me, which I was happy about. I didn't know if he would, but he did. As the summer went on, I got bored. To cure this boredom, I invented my own sport. It included my favorite parts of my favorite sports. We called it blitzball and lots of us played it. It was fun, and no one won or lost. We played for fun. Later on, Gene and I went to the beach. Gene seemed to have some type of apprehensiveness, but nonetheless still came. We rode our bikes for three hours to get to the beach, and it was 100% worth it. Being at the beach gave me a type of freedom that I couldn't experience at the Devon School. The water was calming and made me feel disconnected from reality. We got hot dogs at a food stand and stayed the night there. As we settled down to sleep at a sand dune, I told Gene that he was my best friend. He didn't say anything back, but I wasn't offended. Saying such a thing is considered courageous, although I don't understand why. Everyone has feeling and emotions, so why not express them? But I have to realize that not everyone is like me, although I do not understand why.

Chapter 4: Accidental

Gene begins to think that he and Finny are in a rivalry about who is better. He begins working much harder on his grades, aiming for the top of his class. Later, when he and Finny are in the tree, Gene supposedly jounces the limb, causing Finny to fall out.

“Finny, his balance gone, swung his head around to look at me for an instant with extreme interest, and then he tumbled sideways, broke through the little branches below and hit the bank with a sickening, unnatural thud. It was the first clumsy physical action I had ever seen him make. With unthinking sureness I moved out on the limb and jumped into the river, every trace of my fear of this forgotten.” (Knowles 60).

Dear Diary,

Today I did a terrible thing. Finny has been making me angry these past couple days. He's been sabotaging me and my grades. He wants to be better than me, just as I was to be better than him. We really do have a rivalry, and I wasn't just making it up. I MUST be better than him. I've starting working lots harder on my grades. That is one thing that I always know I can better than him at. He may have sports and everything else, but I always will have my grades, so they must be perfect. I am aiming for the tops of my class. I will have to beat some other people but I can do it. Anything to be better than Finny. Wow, I can't believe what has come over me. But nevermind that, I'll push that thought to the back of my head. I must be better, and I can't let myself stop me. But this isn't the terrible thing. That happened later. Finny and I were up in the tree. Something came over me, and I pushed him. I pushed him out of the tree. I wasn't even planning this, it was just something that came upon me. He fell out of the tree and shattered his leg. I didn't even do anything else afterwards to help him. All I did was jump out right after he fell. What had made me do that? Why had I felt okay with this? I guess I’ll never know.

Chapter 5: Guilty

Gene is told of what happened to Finny, and he can't believe it. Finny will never be able to play sports again, and maybe never even walk! Gene feels extreme guilt over this, and when he talks to Finny, he confesses that he jounced the limb to make him fall off.

“‘What do you mean you caused it?’ His voice was as steady as his eyes. My own voice sounded quiet and foreign. ‘I jounced the limb. I caused it.’ One more sentence. ‘I deliberately jounced the limb so you would fall off.’ He looked older than I had ever seen him. ‘Of course you didn't.’” (Knowles 70).

Dear Diary,

I woke up in the hospital today. I don't remember what happened, but all I know is I fell out of the tree. I remember is I lost my balance and fell and hit the ground, really hard. I feel immense pain in my leg and I do not know when it will go away, but I want it to go away now. It feels as if it would be better to just have it taken off, but I know that would not be beneficial and that will not happen. I can wish though. Gene visited me today, and he told me that he thought he pushed me out of the tree. I refuse to believe that. Gene is my best friend! He would never do that to me. I know him, and he would not do this. He probably simply feels guilty that he couldn't catch me, so he's blaming it on himself. Why would he admit that even if he did do that? I know I wouldn't admit to that. I'm not sure why anybody would. But I know he didn't do it. There is no way I will ever believe that, even if he does. Anyways, the doctor told me I would never be able to play sports again. This upset me, but I told Gene to play for me. I’m not sure if he'll be as good as me, but at least it will get done. Gene must keep my legacy for me. He must, because I can't let a shattered leg stop me and my legacy.

Chapter 6: Aggravation

The Fall Session and the Devon School begins, and all peace is abandoned. Students do not want to be there, and neither do the teachers. Gene is roomed all by himself because Finny cannot return. Gene gets into a fight with Quackenebush, because Quackenbush class him maimed. He takes offense to this and smacks his face.

“I hit him hard across the face. I didn't know why for an instant; it was almost as though I was maimed.” (Knowles 79).

Dear Diary,

It feels as if there is no peace left here at Devon. Everything became bleaker, the fun teachers were drafted and we were stuck with the old, boring teachers. Finny is no longer in my dormitory, and it doesn't feel the same. This kid called Quackenbush picked a fight with me today. As much as I have been hoping to avoid conflict, this could not be ignored. I became the senior crew manager of the sports team, and Quackenbush was being a huge jerk. He was very mature looking, which made my loathing for him increase even more. By the end of the session, he had calmed down a little, but an argument stirred up and he called me maimed. Who has the nerve to do that? Out of my anger, I slapped him across the face. At the time, I was doing to defend myself because he called me maimed, and then I later realized I hit him for Finny. I was doing this for Finny, so in a way Quackenbush was insulting both me and Finny! I couldn't stand for that! I know Finny would NEVER stand for that, so out of my instinny of living his legacy for him, I slapped Quackenbush.

Chapter 7: Accusations

Brinker comes around to check on the dormitory. He notices Gene has a room all to himself, and Brinker makes a comment about how he requested Finny as a roommate because he knew he wouldn't be back. Gene refuses, and they go down to the Butt Room, where. Ringer tells the same story and Gene refuses again.

"His glance flickered out at me from his defeat, and I saw to my surprise that I had, by making a little fun of him, brought upon myself his unmixed hatred. For my escape this was a price I was willing to pay." (Knowles 91).

Dear Diary,

Today, Brinker came around to check on our dormitories. He complimented the organization of my room, which seemed weird coming from his, as he was basically perfect in every way possible. He began asking me about Finny, and made a comment about “how I knew Finny wouldn't be back for fall session so I requested his as a roommate so I could have my own room. Of course I didn't know that Finny wouldn't be back! I had been hopeful that he would be able to come back, and hopeful that he would be back. Although, it was nice to have my own room. I mean, who doesn't want their own room. Anyways, we went down to the Butt Room for a smoke. Down in the dungeon-like room, Brinker told them all that I had plotted to request Finny for my roommate so I could have my own room. Of course I didn't! Why would I do that? At least I think I didn't. No, I didn't, what am I thinking? I stormed out of the Butt Room when everyone else was going along with this, and I was outraged. Why would people ever think I did that? I wasn't that selfish. They were the ones being selfish of they thought I would do that.

Chapter 8: Finny's Return

Finny returns to Devon to see Gene had a room to himself while he was away. He criticizes Gene's clothes and complains about there being no maids. As he gets back into the swing of things at school, he convinces Finny to begin training for the 1944 Olympics.

“Until now, in spite of everything, I had welcomed each new day as it were a new life, where all past problems and failures were erased, and all future possibilities and joys were open and available, to be achieved probably before night fell again. Now, in this winter of snow and crutches with Phineas, I began to know that each morning reasserted the problems of the night before, that sleep suspended all but changed nothing, that you couldn't make yourself over between dawn and dusk. Phineas however did not believe this.” (Knowles 105-106)

Dear Diary,

Today I came back to Devon. It really is a shame I had to leave Gene alone, he was dressing worse than I was here with him. He claimed the reason for his outfit of choice was he had been working, but I knew better than that. Anyways, I now have crutches, which is very different for me. Also, there were no more maids at Devon. How were we expected to get along without maids? Maids were essential. I understand they have to be used in the war, but aren't there enough for both Devon and the war? But it was okay, Gene would just have to act as my maid. And he did. He made my bed for me. He helped me into bed, then got into his own. He laid down, and begun his prayers and I begin mine. About three minutes later, I started talking. My prayers never lasted longer than three minutes, now that was just showing off. Gene seemed to th ni the same as well, our prayers always ended at approximately the same time. Then, I began talking to him. I always talk before I sleep, it was just a nightly routine thing. I think he fell asleep while I was talking, but that's okay. He didn't usually talk back anyways.

Chapter 9: Light in theDarkness

As Winter keeps getting harsher at Devon, Finny looks for ways to keep the boys' spirits up. Leper joins the army and Finny and Gene continue training for the 1944 Olympics. Finny and the boys plan a winter carnival, and the boys have fun and escape from the reality of life for a night at their Devon Winter Carnival.

“And because it was Finny’s idea, it happened as he said, although not as easily as some of his earlier inspirations.” (Knowles 129)

Dear Diary,

Leper enlisted in the war today. I didn't think much of it, because this war really isn't a big deal. He’ll come back, and he'll be fine. He may do some basic training, but it will never get to the point that he will actually have to fight. Also, he gets to ski! If he's gonna do basic training for something, at least he gets to choose what he's training for. But that's before the point. Before my injury, I had been training for the 1944 Olympics. But now, due to my injury, I can no longer train for this. And since it is up to Gene to keep my legacy, I’m having him do it. We've been training for a while now, practicing endlessly. I think he secretly thinks this is a waste of time, because he believes there will be no 1944 Olympics. It he still does it for me, which I appreciate. Everyone seems so depressed recently, so I decided to come up with the idea of the Devon Winter Carnival. That will get everyone's spirits up! We can have games and do fun things and get everyone's mind off of whatever was upsetting them. This got lots of people excited, which made me feel like I accomplished something. When this event happened, it ended up being a huge success. We had lots of fun, and we drank a little too. Overall, it was a success!

Chapter 10: Psychotic

After Gene gets the letter from Leper, he goes to find him at the "Christmas Location". He finds Leper at his home, where Zheng sees Leper has been changed drastically by the basic training. He seems to have gone crazy, psychotic to be exact, and tells Gene about all the things that happened. It becomes clear that Leper is it himself, and Gene runs away from him.

“I gathered what that word meant. I hated the sound of it at once. It opened up a world I had not known existed- ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’ or ‘a screw loose’ those were the familiar words. ‘Psycho had a sudden mental ward reality about it, a systematic diagnostic sound.” (Knowles 143-144)

Dear Diary,

I wrote a telegram to Gene, and I was praying he got it. I needed escape, and I needed it now. The war was way too much for me. It was mentally and physically ruining. I never ever would've believed it would have this effect on me. And I hadn't even got out of basic training yet! I saw things that other people swore were not there, but I know they were. I saw random body pieces everywhere, just like a real war would be. I saw an amputated leg, and I could not take it anymore. I swear I saw Brinker dressed up as Snow White, but I think that's one where I can maybe think I may have imagined that one. It's just insane to me, how they expect 18 year olds to join the army. I will forever be damaged because of this experience. I am going psychotic, and there is nothing I can do about it. Even if I hadn't enlisted on my own, I would have been drafted very soon. The war is very real, and anyone who thinks it's not is downright crazier than I am. I cannot believe there are people who have actually made it out of basic training, for I could never do that. Although, it is a little disheartening. I was hoping I would gain a better reputation at Devon, but I had failed.


Chapter 11: The Trial

Back at Devon, the boys have a trial to determine whether or not Gene is guilty of pushing Finny out of the tree. Gene and Finny testify innocent, and it seems to go well, until Leper shows up. Leper has a convincing case about hoe Gene is guilty, and he ends up winning. Finny storms out of the room in anger, and ends up falling down the stairs.

“The excellent exterior acoustics recorded his rushing steps and the quick rapping of his cane along the corridor and on the first steps of the marble stairway. Then these separate sounds collided into the general tumult of his body falling clumsily down the white marble stairs.” (Knowles 177).

Dear Diary,

Today, Brinker came to get Finny and I to take us to a trial he had set up. It was a trial for whether I pushed Finny out of the tree or not. I was not nervous, Finny didn't believe that I did, and I don't think anybody else really did.. So we went to the trial, and I felt pretty good. Finny and I had a story planned out perfectly, it wasn't what happened exactly, but it was the only way to prove that I was 100% innocent. Finny believed I was innocent, so I had to be, right? At the trial, we testified out story and it seemed like all was going well. But then, who else would have made an appearance besides Leper! Leper was the one person who had also been a witness to this event, and he wholeheartedly believed I was guilty. And now, being as crazy as he turned, I had no doubt in my kind he wouldn't rest until I was proven guilty. He gave his testimony, and as I guessed, everyone believed him. Before it was even over, Finny stood up and said “I don't care” and stomped out of the room towards the stairs. Brinker tried to stop him, as the case wasn't over, but Finny simply turned around and cussed him out. We watched him go, unaware of what would happen next, the trial started to resume, only to be interrupted by a large ‘thud’. This noise was instantly recognized as the sound of Finny falling down the stairs. And with that ‘thud’, I had realized I had once again ruined Phineas’ life.

Chapter 12: Death Becomes Us

Gene visits Finny in the hospital, where Finny becomes angry with him. Gene tries to explain that he told him from the beginning that he pushed him out of the tree. The two eventually come to an agreement, and Finny goes into surgery. Gene finds out from Dr. Stanpole that Finny died during the operation, and he never cries.

“I did not cry then or ever about Finny. I did not cry even when I stood watching him being lowered into his family's strait-laced burial ground outside of Boston, I could not escape a feeling that this was my own funeral, and you do not cry in that case.” (Knowles 195).

Dear Diary,

Something happened today that I never imagined would have happened at my time at Devon. After Finny’s fall, Dr. Stanhope was called for and he arrived. He announced Finny’s leg was broken again. Once he had been taken back to the hospital and cleaned up a bit, I was allowed to see him. I must've sounded crazy, all the things I was saying. “I want to fix your leg up”, who says that? Finny was angry, and I just kept apologizing. I left, and was called back the next day to bring some of his belongings to him. I told him that I tried to tell him I did in fact push him out of the tree, and he acknowledges that. We end our relationship on a good note, and I couldn't be happier about that. He believed me. The next day I found Dr. Stanpole, and he told me that Phineas had died. I did not believe it, and I couldn't comprehend it. He had died during the operation, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. It never seemed as if Phineas could have died. He was so optimistic, so graceful, so full of life. Phineas, of all people, was dead. I never cried over Phineas, there was no reason to. I simply had to live with the fact that I ruined his life and there was nothing that could ever be done about it.

Chapter 13: Battle Wounds

As War becomes more and more of a reality, Brinker's father comes to talk to Brinker and Gene about enlistment. He tells the boys you earn more respect if you fight on the front lines, but Gene does not seem interested. Present day Gene reveals he never killed anyone in the War, as he killed his real enemy at Devon.

“Only Phineas was never afraid, only Phineas never hated anyone. Other people experienced this fearful shock somewhere, this sighting of the enemy, and so began an obsessive labor of defense…” (Knowles 204).

Dear Diary,

The war was not everything I had expected. There were other units rather than fighting on the front line. One day while at Devon, some trucks pulled up with sewing machines in the back of them for the war. Someone asked if Leper would have been better off sewing parachutes, but I told them to not talk about him. But deep down, I wonder if he would have actually. Brinker dad came to talk to me, and he said fighting on the front line will earn you respect and dignity. Brinker told me he was enlisting, but I think it was only because the pressure from his father. I thought about how there was no longer happiness at Devon, where there had once been so much. No one ever talked about Phineas, and I was thankful for that. But he had done something only he could do, make a happy environment wherever he was. While in the war, I never killed anyone. I had no need to, as back at Devon I had milled my true enemy. Why kill more when only one is needed?

Winter Carnival Game: Save Leper!

Object of the game:

Leper is in trouble! He sent Gene a letter asking him to come save him. He is in a location, but where? It is up to you and only you to save Leper! It is too risky to bring more people to help, so everything relies on you and the one clue Leper gave you. Use your memory skills to get closer to Leper's location, but don't mess up! It will put you back and possibly ruin your chance of saving Leper. (1 player)

What you will need: (all included)

1 Stack of memory cards (36)

Game Board



Set Up:

1. Set out your Board and put your figure at the START

2. Set out your memory cards in a 6x6 layout

3. Start your timer and begin


1. Once everything is set up, begin by trying to make a match with the memory cards. You may only have two face up at a time, and if they are not a match, they must both be face down before picking two more up.

2. Once you find a match, see what the instructions say. If it says to move your figure two spaces ahead, move your figure two paces ahead!

3. Watch out for the setback cards. There are four in each stack of cards, and will move you back or cause you to miss a turn. Once used, you may set this card off to the side.

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