Delta Hockey Academy Reopening Plan Returning to THE RINK on September 8

Reopening Our Doors

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our student-athletes back to the Delta Hockey Academy this fall! Throughout the summer, our staff have been developing a reopening plan with the health and safety of our entire community in mind guided by our mission to provide you with a platform to succeed as both students and athletes. Please keep in mind that parts of this plan may change to reflect the constantly evolving medical and governmental information and guidance regarding COVID.

Much of the academy life will look different this year: we will maintain two metres of physical distance in common areas, wear masks on the bus, wash hands often, sanitize our work and workout stations after each use, move our parent night to a virtual platform, conduct fitness testing one team at a time rather than all together, and not have league games until later in the fall - many of the usual opening events that mark the rhythm of a school year and a hockey season. And there are more changes outlined in this plan. But much will be the same: academic opportunities that challenge and excite you, coaches and teachers who support you, training sessions that push you, on-ice development that targets key areas of improvement, and a community of talented and high achieving peers.

We will work throughout the fall and the year to create new traditions to replace some that simply cannot be this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, much will be different this year and you may feel unsettled by some of the new policies that follow. That's normal. But remember, we are in this together as classmates and as teammates - and we will use this global challenge as an opportunity to dedicate time to development and growth.


Our integrated program includes time in the classroom, on the ice and in the gym. These three pillars to our model are key to the success of our student-athletes – specifically classroom time – and for that reason we believe it is important to highlight that we will be following the Delta School District’s recommendations for students throughout the academic year. We will continue to work in cooperation with North Delta Secondary School to ensure that we are following appropriate protocols for students and teachers in our classrooms at Planet Ice Delta.

The following reopening plan outlines in detail our safety guidelines within Planet Ice Delta. All guidelines specific to North Delta Secondary School will be communicated by the school's very dedicated administrative team with the guidance of the Delta School District and the Ministry of Education.

Building a Safe Community

The Delta Hockey Academy is committed to following the guidelines put forward by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and we have built our reopening plan based on the recommended best practices around safety and cleaning protocols for our facility.


| Pre-arrival COVID screening questionaire

Student-athletes will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire in the CoachMePlus app prior to coming to the rink every morning. Your coaches will be checking the app and they will be reaching out to you directly if you forget to submit your answers. We suggest keeping your coaches happy and setting a daily alarm to remind yourself to complete your COVID screening. New student-athletes will be setup in the app the first week of school. Please note: if you feel any symptoms of COVID-19, you must stay home.

| Quarantine

All student-athletes, coaches and visitors traveling to Delta from outside of the country will be expected to abide by Canadian government quarantine regulations. If your child requires a 14-day quarantine, we will ensure that your child's billeting family is prepared to support your child in that process. If you think you may need to utilize this offer, please reach out to owen.pighin@deltawildhockeygroup.com.

ACADEMY-wide Health & Safety Protocols

The large, open space in our four-rink training facility gives us the flexibility to shift our operating model to serve our student-athletes in different stations throughout the facility: the ice, the gym and the classroom. We will have cleaning products and sanitation areas at each of our stations to ensure cleanliness at all times. As a high-performance program, the health of our student-athletes is our top priority and it is essential that we take all the necessary precautions to protect your health and safety.

| Masks

Masks are our greatest defense against the spread of the virus. Masks will be required in all common spaces in our facility, including hallways and academy classrooms, where a two metre physical distance cannot be maintained. Masks will also be required in all academy buses. Masks will not be required on the ice or in the gym.

We encourage every student-athlete to purchase a reusable cloth mask and to educate yourself on the appropriate wearing of a mask. Limited disposable masks will be available in the clinic if needed.

Teachers and coaches will hold students accountable, should they fail to follow physical distancing and mask-wearing requirements. We are lucky to have the opportunity to train in our high performance facility and our work together in adhering to these guidelines keeps us all safe.

| Physical Distancing

As recommended by the Health Minister, we will be asking all student-athletes to maintain two metres of physical distance whenever possible. Helping student-athletes stay safe during this time will begin with thorough and supportive education about both COVID-19 and how individuals can behave in a manner that keeps themselves and others safe. Signs of various kinds will promote behaviours to keep our student-athletes healthy and safe.

Spaces will also be delineated to make students and others aware of the physical distancing, mask-wearing, and hand washing requirements. Appropriate separation and social distance markers will be placed in the classrooms, gym, clinic, and equipment room.

| Hand Washing

We will have hands-free sanitizer dispensers set up in the classrooms, throughout the gym and in the equipment room. We also have a hand washing station set up in the clinic and in the facility washrooms. Student-athletes will be encouraged to sanitize regularly.

| Cleaning Protocols

Enhanced and detailed daily academy-wide cleaning will be a priority this year. Our intention is to make sure any potential surface for transmission of disease is sanitized at any point at which transmission could occur. This will mean, for example, cleaning the gym, classrooms and equipment room before another group enters the space. Extra supplies will be located in spaces such as classrooms and the gym to allow students and staff to properly wipe down spaces after individual use.

| Directional Traffic

We will have directional traffic in the equipment room, in the gym, and in the clinic. The classroom entry and exit will be as a group: all students will enter the class when the class begins, and all students will exit through the same door when the class ends. No students waiting for their next class will be allowed to enter the classroom until all of the previous student-athletes have left and the room has been sanitized. The floors will be clearly marked with directional signage.

| Support When Sick

Finally, we will be requiring student-athletes to stay home if they feel sick. The Delta School District has communicated that they will be flexible with students that need to miss school due to illness. Coaches and trainers are in full agreement with the same sentiment: please stay home if you feel any symptoms of COVID-19. The health of our student-athletes is our number one priority.


In many ways, the Delta Hockey Academy's on-ice and off-ice development model will remain the same. Student-athletes will attend practices with their teammates and coaches and will begin their training programs in the gym with their strength coaches. Foot traffic on the rink level has already been marked with directional signage designed to lower density.

| On-ice Safety Protocols

As directed by the administrative team at Planet Ice Delta, we will follow the protocols in place to ensure safety on the ice at all times. We plan to split our teams in half so that one half of the team will always be in one dressing room and the other half in another dressing room. This will give students the ability to physically distance while getting changed. Coaches will follow directions for on-ice programming and physical distancing measures from BC Hockey and Planet Ice Delta specifically with respect to the number of skaters on the ice, that full equipment is worn at all times, and that water bottles are clearly marked and spaced apart. As Planet Ice Delta and BC Hockey update their protocols for the ice, we will update our own.

| Off-ice Safety Protocols

The reopening of the Delta High Performance Centre over the summer allowed us to plan for the academy's reopening in September. We created individual training stations where a participant stays to complete all training exercises so that no equipment is shared within the group. If any equipment needs to be shared, each station will be equipped with cleaning and sanitizing materials so that the station can be completely cleaned and prepared for the next individual to use the station.

Foot traffic will flow through the gym in one direction. Student-athletes will enter the gym through the main entrance and loop through the gym in one direction back to the entry doorway as they leave their training session. Directional markers and social distancing signage will be placed throughout the gym to ensure that physical distancing measures are followed.

| CSSHL Statement on Return to Hockey

As the Canadian Sport School Hockey League prepares to begin its 12th season, ensuring the health and safety of all our student-athletes, coaches, on and off-ice officials, and league staff has been and continues to be our top priority.

We continue to openly communicate with Hockey Canada and the eight provincial and regional members that the CSSHL resides in, while monitoring the local health authority guidelines in each area.

As part of that process, the CSSHL Board of Governors will have an operational meeting in August to ratify the CSSHL’s Return to Play plan. Once approved, CSSHL’s Return to Play plan will be sent to all eight Hockey Canada members for review, consideration, and feedback.

With provinces across the country starting to announce their back to school plans, our members will be ready to offer approved programming to all student athletes upon their return to school.

We are looking forward to continuing our communications with all the appropriate governing bodies and are excited for our student athletes to be returning to school, training, and games over the course of the 2020-21 school year.

| Access to the clinic

Student-athletes will continue to have access to the Delta Health & Performance Clinic. Practitioners are following the health and safety protocols in accordance with WorkSafe BC, the College of Physical Therapists of BC and the College of Massage Therapists of BC. All patients in the clinic will be instructed to wear a mask and all practitioners will wear a mask and gloves.


| In the case of a symptomatic student-athlete

Should a student-athlete begin to feel symptoms of COVID-19, they will be instructed to advise their coach, teacher or trainer - whoever is their supervisor at the time. That supervisor will immediately put on a mask and gloves (if he or she does not already have them on) and then will provide the symptomatic student-athlete with a mask and gloves (if he or she does not already have them on).

All other individuals in the immediate proximity will be evacuated from the area to allow the symptomatic student-athlete to move to the designated isolation area without any further contamination. The other individuals will be lead to a sanitizing station to wash their hands. Once the symptomatic student-athlete is isolated, our staff will disinfect the immediate area and will wait 30 minutes prior to allowing any student-athletes back into that area.

The symptomatic student-athlete's parents will be contacted immediately to pick up their child and informed of the situation. An academy staff member will supervise the symptomatic student-athlete from a physical distance with a mask and gloves and will act as the supervisor until the student-athlete is picked up by his or her parent. The public health authority will also be notified.

In order for a symptomatic student-athlete to return to campus, Hockey Canada has mandated that they must first receive a doctor’s note indicating that the student-athlete has tested negative for COVID-19.

If circumstances arise where we need to enact our COVID-19 Action Plan, all student-athletes and parents will be advised to ensure that the news is quickly and appropriately communicated to everyone in our community. In addition, should that symptomatic student-athlete test positive for COVID-19, we will update all families and the health authority with the news so that appropriate measures can be taken from that point -- which will include possible testing for student-athletes that would have potentially come into contact with the COVID-positive student-athlete. We will follow instructions from public health from that point forward.

Reopening Support Team

If you have any questions about the Delta Hockey Academy's reopening plan, please feel free to contact any of our staff below.

Ian Gallagher | President | ian.gallagher@deltawildhockeygroup.com

Owen Pighin | Vice-President | owen.pighin@deltawildhockeygroup.com

Brittany Kirby | Director of Marketing & Clinic Operations | brittany.kirby@deltawildhockeygroup.com