These Kids is Crazy Classroom management prevention

Why is this so stupid hard?

We spend our lives drifting between glimpses of our own, infinite glory and the fear that we suck.

--Jen Sincero

What do you fear you suck at with classroom management?

I fear that I suck at not allowing the charming, moderately intelligent teenage boy to highjack my class and turn it into his own personal stage for affirmation.

Our classroom is our reality.

I get to shape, decide, feed, mold, believe, achieve, conquer my own reality. It is my belief about my classroom management that makes it what it is.

You get to choose how your perceive your reality. So why, when it comes to perceiving yourself, would you choose to see anything other than a super huge rock star of a creature?

--Jen Sincero

Change your reality.

I see all my students, regardless of their perceived charm, intelligence, power, or comfort in their own skin, and I give them all the space to learn.

How do we DO this?

My Big Three:

Plan your transitions in crazy, little detail.

Be THE presence.

Care crazy amounts more.

You can do this.

Kasie Payne


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