Entering the auditorium, I felt anxious; I had been anticipating this play all day. I enjoy plays, however, I didn't know what to expect. My friends and I were ushered hurriedly into an aisle, which added to the anxious feeling. It happened to be the second to last aisle, so when once we sat down and the lights dimmed, it became clear that we were far from the stage. This didn't affect the impact that the performance had on me, however. The auditorium was also kept very chilled, I was cold throughout the whole play. Place and location factor into the Good Life depending where you are, the chances of having a better "Good Life" could be greater.



I attended the play with a group of my friends. In preparation for the play, we got ready in our respective homes and met up outside of our dorms to walk together. I sat next to one of my best friends, and throughout the play we whispered to each other how cold we were. Attending with my group of friends made the experience less dreadful, and actually more enjoyable. Having someone to discuss the work with after it ended added to the pleasure of the experience. Shared experiences make ordinary life, the Good Life, because you are not alone. There is nothing better than sharing life and experiences with your best friends.

My best friend took this photo.


Selfie before the play.

Considering the time and the place of the play, the central issue, of sexual harassment by a priest to a minor, was unheard of publically. Nowadays people are aware of these situations, because they have been victims of this kind of harassment or they have heard about a scandal in the news. Back then, the church was still covering up incidents like this and no one was talking about it. Going into the play, I knew nothing of it's content. After the play, my views on the Church and priest harassment have not changed. I still think that it is wrong, and the Church is wrong to cover it up and to bribe the victims with money or education for them or their families. I wish the victim priest would have stood up more for himself and told him mom about his assault, instead of "going to a parish with an ocean view." I think that his mother would have understood him and his actions better if he would have done that.


This play unveils abuse of child labor laws, bribery of the young priest, sexual assault, robbery, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and many others. All of these bring about opportunities for humans to be better and provide opportunities for Katharsis. This play examines these experiences, for us viewers to disagree with. We are not expected to agree with these things because they are supposed to test our conscience.

AFTER the play, I am walking out of the theater.


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