Seal Point Dog Park San mateo, ca

This dog park is HUGE!

That's when you know you're in the suburbs.

In the middle of the dog run

There's some grass, dirt and a gravel walkway in the middle.

Oh yeah, and lots of pylons.

There's water view too on one end.

This is actually one big recreational area

But doggies have to be leashed outside the dog park, and people stick to the rules, too.

It's a big hill that you can walk to the top of (or drive; there's a second parking lot at the top) and there's trails that go all around the hill.

That's the San Mateo Bridge

Sometimes when Mom wants to practice leash running she wants to me run off-leash first to burn off my crazy energy, so this is a good spot for it.

And the trails are wide, which is good because sometimes Mom yells at me for running from side to side in front of her. 😩

Or, if you like running next to bicycles, this is also a good spot for that. There are flat paved trails at the bottom of the hill that run all along the bay, so lots of people ride their bicycles here.

Oh yeah, and there's no shade here either, except by the main parking lot.

I was too lazy to move

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is a parking lot
  • Yes, this is a fenced enclosure
  • Yes, there is a separate area for small dogs
  • Yes, there are doggy water fountains (and a hose!)
  • Yes, there are poop bags
  • Yes, there a trash bins
  • Yes, there are benches
  • Yes, there are toilets (outside the dog park)

🐾 Caesar

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