5 countries in 5 days & 2 brands on 1 cruise Photostory by Stefanie @Smile4Travel

From March 24th to 29th I had the amazing opportunity to be part of a unique adventure: Sailing the North Sea on board of AIDAperla and visiting 5 countries together with 32 other Samsung Snapshooters.

The adventure started in Hamburg, where I spent 3 days upfront to get rid of my jetlag, after flying in from Shanghai to join this extraordinary cruise.

And of course I took some time to stroll around the city, exploring the remarkable architecture of the Speicherstadt and soaking in the urban vibes of the well known district "Schanze".

On the evening of March 24th we left Hamburg / Germany and sailed into the endless width of the North Sea.

Leaving Hamburg harbour

Day 1: Sea Day / North Sea

As our cruise starts with a sea day, we had enough time to explore the huge ship...

... and get familiar with its dimensions, the variety of restaurants, entertainment opportunities and great relaxing areas AIDAperla offers.

Before entering the harbour of Southhampton the morning sun surprised us with a marvelous sunrise above the sea.

Day 2: Southhampton / England

While one part of our Snapshooter-crew stayed in Southhampton to go on #urbanexploration, our first day trip took us to the Isle of Wight, where we met these cuties...

West Wight Alpacas & Llamas Farm

Before heading to the beautiful coastline...

The Needles, Alum Bay
The late afternoon sun turned Needles Lighthouse and the rough landscape surrounding it into a truly magical scenery.
Alum Bay, Isle of Wight

Also the small seaport Cowes on the northcoast of the Isle of Wight impressed with cute alleys, lovely #doortraits and picturesque facades.

Day 3: Le Havre / France

Early morning vibes & sea sounds

Even more impressed I was left by Honfleur, the hidden beauty, which can be reached in only 30 min from Le Havre.

No words needed...

Day 4: Zeebrügge / Belgium

The Belgian town Bruges appears even more charming on a rainy day, when most of the tourists prefer to stay inside and enjoy waffles & chocolate.

Day 5: Rotterdam / TheNetherlands

The morning of March 29th came fast, as we had exciting days on board and visited 5 countries along the North Sea - an experience you only enjoy that comfortably when going on a cruise. It was actually my very first time on a cruiseship. Honestly, a bit scared at first about the dimensions and amount of people this grand lady is able to take on, in the end I left AIDAperla with great & long-lasting memories - collected on- and off-board.

Many thanks to @AIDA_cruises & @SamsungMobileDeutschland for making this trip possible! All these special moments were captured with the new Samsung #GalaxyS9+ #DoWhatYouCant #SamsungSnapshooter #SamsungDeutschland #AIDAperlamomente #AIDAcruises #GönnDirAIDA

Fortunately for me, the trip didn´t end just here... I went on to spend 3 more days in Amsterdam, another city I had never visited before - a fact that definitely had to be changed!

See all my memories of this trip on my Instagram profile @Smile4Travel & #Smile4TravelonAIDAperla and very soon also on my blog Smile4Travel.de

Created By
Stefanie Wich-Herrlein (formerly Dietz)



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