Portfolio Building Using Wordpress to build an ongoing book

Before session, go to Wordpress.com to setup and verify your account. Setup Options (site type, template, design) don't matter immediately. Stratcomm might want to come up with clever branding. For now, go with firstnamelastname or firstinitiallastname.


  • What do you like? Not Like?
  • How would you want to organize?
  • What would be a good header?
  • What would you include in your portfolio?
  • Static Front or no?


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Show what your resume says you can do

Practice - today's goals

  • Customize (menus, widgets, etc.)
  • Posts (practice embeds and editing)
  • Develop plan (what are your remaining to dos?)
  • About Me Page
  • Navigation

Plan - how to complete

Drop by JBar for help - No appointment needed. Check the daily schedule for when Heather is available.

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Heather Lawrenz


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