First Lady of the Revolution Screenings in DC and NYC Enjoy highlights from our East Coast rollout

To commemorate December 1st, the Director for Costa Rica, The Office of the Executive Director for Central America and Belize of the Inter-American Development Bank and Embassy of Costa Rica in Washington DC hosted the sensational DC Premiere of "First Lady of the Revolution" at the IDB's Cultural Center. The standing room only event drew a packed crowd that spilled into an overflow room.

The reception was buzzing with anticipation for this special event.

Before the film, audiences were surprised with a brilliant performance by the talented group Sound Impact! The quartet played excerpts from Stephen Smith's award-winning original score to the film!

Introductions to the film were made by Carlos De Paco, the IDB's Director for Costa Rica, and the Costa Rican Ambassador to the US, Román Macaya.

Both discussed the film's historic significance commemorating December 1st, the day Don Pepe abolished the Costa Rican Armed Forces and declared "peace on the world."

Carlos De Paco

Román Macaya

It's showtime!

The greatest surprise of the evening came as the film's credits rolled. Our goal is to inspire the next generation with Henrietta's story. The First Lady's strength and determination is what fired up Debi Nova to write her end credit song, "Guerrera," and it is what inspired these young women warriors to join us on stage.

The audience was then treated to a stimulating talkback and candid conversation with Doña Henrietta, director Andrea Kalin and Tico journalist Glenda Umaña.

Director Andrea Kalin to Doña Henrietta: "We were inspired by your quest and by your boldness in making your own destiny. You found the power within you to carve out the life you wanted. You sought that wonderful world, but the wonderful is within you."

Feedback has been enthusiastic! Here's a taste of the types of messages we've been receiving!

"Brilliantly conceived and executed."


Wonderful mix of drama and humor that keeps it lively from beginning to end."

"Loved the caressed, divine details of the story."

"Beautiful, captivating. An informative film about a really extraordinary human being."

Enjoy these highlights from our New York City rollout!

The sold out crowd at Cinema Village!

As the film ended, members of our Costa Rican crew surprised Doña Henrietta with flowers and a Costa Rican flag, and shared warm sentiments about why the film means so much to them.

"On behalf of the Tico team, it's been a great opportunity to be able to tell this story that is a part of our DNA. Thank you for telling this story. PURA VIDA!" Eunice Báez Sánchez

The Q&A covered complicated questions on topics ranging from US policy in Latin America to Doña Henrietta's reflections on New York ("it can be tremendously exciting...if you can afford it!").

If you want to see the film, we have screenings in additional cities popping up all the time! Check out our website to learn more!

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