Danielle Contreras BIM I PERIOD 2

January 4

How was your break and what did you do?

Over the break i didn't do a lot other than work, spend time with family, work, hangout with friends, work, and work some more. That may sound like a lot of working but i'll assure you, i gave away a lot of my shifts too. I'm not a very social person so most of the time when i wasn't working i was at home lounging around in some comfy shorts and a over-sized t-shirt. I was also kind of mad for part of the break because i didn't spend as much time with my boyfriend as i intended to since he was out of town with family all the time or working, which i understand. Christmas and Christmas Eve was really laid back with my family; We did the usual which is making menudo and tamales together all night. NYE on the other hand was iconic. But since you're a teacher i should just leave it at "i hung out with my friends at a small get together and popped fireworks at 12 o' clock". Overall i'd say the whole break was a 9/10.


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