Southern Africa Abbie,Nashwa,Brock,LoGan,zoe,danica


Over much of South Africa summer, which lasts from mid-October to mid-Febuary, is characterised by hot,sunny weather. Often with afternoon thunderstorms that clear quickly, leaving a warm, earthy, uniquely African smell in the air.


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Native Fauna


White rhinoceros,black rhinoceros,elephant,lion,kudu,wildebeest,leopard,dik-dik,wild dog,puku antelope,zebra,cheetah,riverine rabbit,blue crane,meerkats


Major landforms

Table Mountain,Kalahari Desert,Orange River,Kaapvaal Craton,Sahara,Danikil,

Table Mountain

Native Flora

Jubilee,Jester,Maui Sunset,frangipani,periwinkle,milkweed,oxalis pes-caprae,coleonema pulchellum

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Interesting Facts

In 2011 the population of South Africa is around 52 million! The largest city in South Africa is Johannesburg. South Africa has the largest economy of any African country. South Africa is a home to a wide variety of animals including giraffes, hippos, leopards and lions.South Africa has high unemployment. South Africa is now the only country in the world to have hosted the soccer, cricket and rugby World Cup!

South African Flag

This is where Southern Africa is

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