Week 3 Expanding & bridging SOARville

How can I draw my reader into my ideas?
You give your reader a topic sentence, specific detail in an orderly manner.

What are the two parts of a topic sentence?

topic + main point = topic sentence

Specific detail!

life = transitions

The sentences still matter

You will not confuse your reader.

We want to attract our reader to our ideas, to have a lot of great detail that is joined together by only a comma, this is not a good idea and is called a comma splice.

Do you like being left high and dry by a writer?

Don't do it to your reader.

Be clear.

You will not bore your reader.

Lots of specific detail

arranged in an inviting way

with appropriate punctuation

Tips on your assignment

Student example

A. Spoiled by dad

B. New York

C. Party

D. Soda

E. Italy

2. Stretch those short words into at least 5 basic sentences.

A. My dad spoiled me with pizza.

B. New York has the best pizza.

C. All my favorite parties were pizza parties.

D. Pizza and soda go great together.

E. I want to go to Italy one day and taste pizza from it’s origin.

3. Next, write the draft paragraph for this week from your sentences above. Remember to make those initial sentences more complex by adding some transitional words and phrases (for a list of transitions, please review the transitions list from the Quiz 3 directions page). You can also access the list from the Announcements from week 3.

4. Final Paragraphs –Put both the paragraphs here: Your first from last week with necessary revisions, and the one you wrote this week. Remember the transition between paragraphs. Make sure you also put transition words in BOTH paragraphs, and highlight or bold them. Finally, pay attention to spelling and grammar.

Don’t forget - Highlight or bold the transitions!

Paragraph one from Week 2

Pizza was born in Naples, Italy in 1830, and I’m so glad it was because it’s my favorite food. Pizza is very delicious, and you can add toppings, but it’s something I love about a hot, fresh, cheesy slice. My mouth waters instantly at the thought of all that cheese oozing into my mouth. In the 1800’s pizza may have started as a meal for the poor, or for peasants, however today it’s my favorite food, and the favorite food of many others.
My love for pizza started as a child, back when my dad used to walk my sister and I to the corner for a slice. I would always get my pizza with sprite or root beer because of how well pizza and soda go together. I’ve always been a picky eater, for that reason my mom and dad let me eat pizza every day. I wouldn’t even go to a party if the food wasn’t going to be pizza. Although, pizza is sold everywhere, I believe that the best pizza comes from New York, because other states I’ve tried it in were never as good. One day I plan on visiting Italy and tasting pizza from its origin, although I am sad my dad is no longer around to make the trip with me, I can’t wait to get a slice.

What happens after you finish the final two paragraphs?


Check to see if:

you used transitions within and between

you read it out loud?

the second paragraph relates to the first paragraph?

each paragraph includes a topic sentence?

the end of the first paragraph includes a transition to the second paragraph?

the end of the second paragraph ties up BOTH paragraphs?

you attempted to use FANBOYS and necessary punctuation in some of your sentences?


"How do I move my reader through my ideas?"


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