Mary Ann Shadd a biography by ARIANA

When Was She Born

Mary Ann Shadd was born October 9th 1823 and grew up in Wilmington.

what was her childhood like?

Mary Ann Shadd was the oldest out of 13 children and her parents where in slaved but got they there freedom.

What Where Some Of the Accomplishments

Mary Ann Shadd was the first African American news paper editor,abolitionist and she opened a school in Windsor Canada west.

How Did She Achieve Her greatest goal

Mary Ann's goal was to be an activist that's why she fought for peoples rights and helped people escape form slavery and so meany more.

what is she Most REMEMBERED for

Mary Ann Shadd published a news paper in 1853,she was a antislavery activist,journalist,teacher and lawyer.

What Are The Obstacles That She Faced

Mary Ann grew up in a place where people where in slaved and her parents where slaves to.

who Did She Marry

Mary Ann Shadd married Thomas F.Cary that's why her other name is Mary Ann Shadd Cary.

how meany children did they have

Mary Ann shadd had a daughter named Sarah and and a son named Linton.

Is There Anything Dedicated to her

Mary Shadd public school is dedicated to Mary Ann Shadd.

Is She Still Alive

Sadly Mary Ann Shadd died in 1893.


  • Did you know Mary Ann Shadd was the first women publisher in Canada.
  • Did you know that Mary Ann Shadd fought for women to have the right to vote.
Why Did I Choose This Person

I chose Mary Ann Shadd because she was a teacher witch I like and a lawyer those jobs are respected and she did wonderful things just to help people.

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