Oil Spills BY: ZAINAB , bibliography: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exxon_Valdez_oil_spill

What is an oil spill?

Oil spills are the release of liquid petroleum ( gas , oil , fuel ) into the environment, especially in marine areas, such as oceans, seas, or coastal waters, due to human activities, and it is a form of pollution.

Yes, oil spills are harmful to species and humans.


We should care because it is very dangerous and harmful to species. If this activity continues the earth will become very unhealthy it will harm our and species health. It will cause death to animals and humans on earth. It is affecting species from the oil itself and from the cleanup operation, water polluted there means no clean drinking water, land and ocean beds will be destroyed which means no place for animals and humans to live.

ACTION… What actions could Glenhaven students take to help decrease or increase the impact?

Using less oil

We can tell our parents to use less oil. If we use less oil then less will have to be transported and it will help prevent oil spills.

Preventing pollution

We can prevent pollution by recycling our garbage whether it is recyclable or not. We can also compost our garbage for more soil and a healthy environment. We can prevent air pollution by changing our mode of transportation by walking or riding our bike if it is a short trip, and use cars less.


WHERE does your activity happen?


Oil travels from place to place in large pipelines as wide as a room.

Like this large pipeline.

The Torrey Canyon Oil Spill took place in Scilly Isles,U.K. March 18 in 1967.

The Gulf Oil Spill took place in the Gulf of Mexico in April 22 in 2010.

The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill took place in Prince William Sound,Alaska in March 29 1989.

WHY THERE? Once you’ve figured out where your activity happens, explain WHY it happens in these places and not somewhere else.

Oil spills can occur anywhere and at anytime on earth.


They normally occur in places such as oceans, seas, and areas surrounded by water.


For example : The cause of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill was because the oil tanker hit a reef causing 11 million gallons of oil to spill.

This was my project about Oil spills I hope you liked it.



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